Have You Job Offer In US? Apply For Employment Based EB-3!

When someone wishes to relocate to a foreign country, there are various factors that are considered. At times, the movement can be both exciting and adventurous for the applicant which may involve a heavy risk of getting their application rejected or deported back to their native country.

Each applicant chooses the country on the basis of their needs and qualifications. Are their skills are in demand and the immigrants are treated with dignity and respect? There are many countries that are popular among the would-be immigrants, such as Australia, Canada, UK, Denmark but one country that is considered as a very hot immigration destination is the US.US Permanent Residency PR  immigration process

It is popular among the people of all age groups. Skilled workers, business professionals, and students see country as a promising hub, all thanks to its flourishing economy which has the capacity to adjust 1000s of new immigrants every year.

Both temporary and permanent visa is popular among immigrants.

If the nation has won your heart and you wish to permanently live and work in the country, and luckily you have a job offer from a US employer, then Employment Based EB-3 Visa will be perfect for you. The EB-3 Visa holder may bring in their family post approval and they can easily get US Permanent Residency (PR).

What is EB-3 Visa?

It is an employment based immigrant visa and eligible applicants are straightaway granted PR. As compared to EB-1 or EB2-2, the requirements for EB-3 Visa is less stringent but you may have to wait for years before your petition is approved as the backlog is longer than any other category.

Officially the Employment Based EB-3 has three sub categories, and they are: – EB-3A (Professionals), EB-3B (Skilled Workers) and EB-3C (Other workers). For each category following is the common eligibility criteria:

  • Full time job offer from an eligible U.S employer.
  • Labor certification
  • The employer must be able to prove that the applicant will take the responsibilities that cannot be fulfilled by the applicants in the US.
  • The applicant will also have to submit health and character certificate.

Separate Requirements for Each Category

EB-3A (Professionals): They must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree that must be equivalent to a U.S degree that is must to take the responsibility. The category is most suitable for those aliens who failed to qualify for EB-2 category.

EB-3B (Skilled Workers): Trained workers must have not less than two years of work experience or training in a qualifying occupation. You must also be employed in an occupation in which qualified employees in the country are not available.

EB-3C (Other workers): It is a sponsored category. At the time of submitting the application the applicant must have an experience or training for of at least two years and for which the employer has failed to finds a local talent.

If you have doubts regarding the immigration process of the EB-3 Visa, then it is highly advised to approach a skilled US immigration consultant. He will provide you complete assistance—right from start to end.


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