Do You Know Having Pre-arranged Employment Offer Advantageous for Canadian Immigration?

Do you have the right experience and the expertise necessary for Canada immigration, and believe that your chances of making the cut for the same are very bright? Sorry to disappoint you but now just having these is insufficient for the purpose. Certain latest amendments in the Canadian immigration rules and regulations have made pre-arranged job offers an incredibly crucial component of the entire immigration process.

Employment Offer Guarantees Instant Job

As per the Immigration Canada, the latest plan would allow new immigrants in the Maple Leaf Country to begin contributing to the national economy as soon as they land on the Canadian soils. Despite the fact that an employment offer from a Canadian recruiter/job-provider is an extremely vital factor for a candidate, it is not in itself an assurance of endorsement for immigration.

The additional most essential advantage of having an employment offer before one lands in the nation is the truth that the visitors or their families would be spared the trouble of making great efforts to take care of themselves, while they toil hard and spend time hunting for work in the nation.

Employment Offer in All Immigration Schemes

The different immigration schemes are tailored by the CIC to prioritize candidates who possess a pre-arranged employment offer. It is a vital eligibility condition under the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP). The other scheme, the Federal Skilled Trades, also necessitates a permanent employment offer.

Majority of the Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) have mentioned employment offers as a crucial eligibility condition. The PNP petitions that come with a Job Offer are given importance only to be processed on a priority basis even while a decision is taken on majority of them inside just 12 months or so.

The Maple Leaf Country—A Points System Leader

Under the latest points arrangement started by the CIC, extra points are proffered for aspirants with employment offers. The Maple Leaf Country is the first nation to launch the point structure of selection for the objects of overseas movement. The same was a pioneer in the domain of innovative immigration and visa policy-making. It witnessed an unexpected spike in the figure of immigrants filing a petition for the nation. However, a dearth of proper infrastructure to process every petition witnessed a hold up in fresh immigrations.

Way back in 2008, Immigration Canada was burdened with a buildup of 600,000 petitions while having the potential to merely process 200,000 petitions every year. The weakness also included the incapability of the present arrangement to filter-out disqualified petitions. The only successful path ahead was to start the point system allowing the qualified aspirants to move on a priority basis.



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