Higher technology required to generate additional innovative manufacturing opportunities in Australia

As per a study report, even though there could be fewer work-opportunities in the usual manufacturing in Australia in the coming years, advanced technologies ought to produce different types of breaks. Tenders from government, for key missions, should necessitate Australian made latest technology that boosts innovation instead of allowing the readily available goods, which will assist substitute lost traditional manufacturing jobs.

Throwing light on the issue, a concerned person stated that several examples are available of the latest technologies which can vary from latest expertise for public transport & road surfaces to healthcare paraphernalia for the Australian health centres. He elucidated that hitherto the focus in Oz has been on conventional assembly line manufacturing—not-too-high expenses, high volume output–which will carry on worsening since the nation just can’t successfully compete with low cost world economies.

He added that the need of the hour is to discover a fresh manufacturing sweet spot and advanced manufacturing is where the Australian focus ought to be. Cultivating latest technology in the country means not only superior technology & infrastructure for Australians it also denotes the nation then exports & markets the technology out-of-the-country. He also opined that driving innovation–via administration contracts–will not just make possible commercialization of latest technology but also assist drive a culture of innovation inside the national business, and assist the nation shift away from a tradition of hand-outs.

Apart from this, the services around latest innovations & technology ought to become a priority. He stated that high cost economies that have had the most remarkable success in superior manufacturing–like Germany, Sweden, & Switzerland–are those that know it is not only regarding goods.

He further said that higher manufacturing comprises the full suite of actions–right from the idea, research, besides development (R&D) & design stages to after sales services. It is basically about improving the production line’s value. The same is also about gaining an important position in the international supply chain.

Even as the evolution from conventional manufacturing to highly developed manufacturing will likely lead to lesser jobs overall for the segment, fresh jobs will be higher expertise, higher paying, and make a superior contribution to the national economy. The research report comprises a planned reorganization program which delineates 14 major regions that ought to be addressed, through the network of an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Plan.

Apart from the administration treaties, necessitating fresh innovation to be included, the CEDA report has also favored improved industry/government joint ventures in the R&D, and higher incentives for university study to reach commercialization. He continued that the industry also requires producing more cooperatives or business groups even amongst the rivals, to boost improved R&D, parallel to what has occurred in the field of agriculture.

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