How Hong Kong Will Be The Best Immigration Destination Country

Hong Kong is one of the most advanced cities of the world. It is a popular immigration destination as it offers opportunities galore in the every field of business and work. Hong Kong looks for those overseas entrepreneurs who look at starting their own business in their country and those professionals who look to find employment in Hong Kong. The system of immigration is quota based and is done by choosing immigrants via allotting points on various prescribed criterions.

At the rate with which Hong Kong is growing financially and socially, it will be for the whole world to watch how Hong Kong will be the best immigration-destination country of all times. Its service industry is booming and areas like Telecom, IT, Education, Tourism and such sectors are flowing with opportunities.

The political situation of the city is stable and the culture and society is open towards accepting outsiders from different cultures. The place is a melting-pot of beliefs, art and entertainment forms and other cultural practices as there already are a lot of immigrants settled in. An immigrant can change its residency from temporary to permanent in 7 years time and can be entitled to all the rights of a Hong Kong citizen. Upon becoming permanent the children of the immigrant are entitled to a free higher education.

It is also a place with the lowest crime rate and a generally peaceful political disposition. The tax system of the place is distinct and the employment opportunities are aplenty. Therefore, an immigrant’s safety, security and peace are ensured in a place like Hong Kong. The very fact that Hong Kong has so many immigrants entering its territory each year is a testimony to how Hong Kong is on its way to becoming the best immigration-destination country.

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