Hong Kong Immigration with Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

One of the Alpha+ Cities, Hong Kong is a place for all. Emerging as one of the biggest trade and commerce hotspots in the world market, this beautiful city-state has a longer life expectancy. It is People’s Republic of China’s one of the two administrative regions even as its political system differs from China. In fact, the Hong Kong Dollar occupies the number 8th position in the rank of the most traded currency.

Why Hong Kong?

Densely populated, the city-state has turned into one of the most famous and happening commerce spots. In current scenario, it is one of the best economical cities to be in and offers a plethora of fiscally profitable opportunities to build a better life. Moreover, the quality of life, economical freedom, Human Development Index gives high rank making it a top destination career-wise.

Immigration to Hong Kong

It has become fairly easy with the issuance of the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme since June 2006. This relaxed immigration policy coupled with availability of skilled Hong Kong Immigration consultants have resulted in higher number of Indians migrating to this global city-state.

Hong Kong Immigration with Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a work and residential visa scheme that gives professionally talented and skilled applicants the chance to competitively seek work and reside in the country. It was incepted with the aim to draw skilled personnel from the Mainland china and other parts of the world. What’s different about this scheme is that it doesn’t require the applicants to have prior local employment, unlike the Working Hong Kong Visa.

Key Conditions

The guidelines and requisites for an applicant to apply for the QMAS are

1. Financial capability: Applicant must be able to fully support himself and those accompanying him during his stay in the nation.

2. Candidates should only be aged between 18 to 50 years.

3. No criminal record in Hong Kong or in other part of the world.

4. Candidates must have proper education, professional abilities along with appropriate documentary evidence.

5. Aspirants must also be able to speak Mandarin/Chinese/English fluently.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme screening criterion for eligible candidates is point based, and one should be able to score a minimum of 88 out of 168 points.

Points are awarded as per the aforementioned factors like:

1. Those under 39 years of age get 30 points while those between the age of 39 to 55 get lesser points.

2. Doctorates are awarded higher points (45-40) while a Bachelor’s Degree is given 30 points.

3. Language Fluency (English or Chinese, two of them together or one with additional language) also gets one distinctive

4. Work experience also influences the points; for instance, 10 years experience fetches 50 points etc.

5. Another factors, like spouse, family, accompanying cohabiting partners are also given different points.

Who gives green signal?

Once you are done with your application, a 20 member advisory committee consults with the Director of Immigration on acceptance and rejection of the applications.


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