Hong Kong Migrants Occupation List 2012 List of Opportunities

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, It is a beautiful country located in Asia. Hong Kong is one of the foremost economies of the world due to which it is the much targeted by migrants from all over the world. With highest per capita income across the world it has become most sought out destination for immigration for employability. So if you are interested and willing to move for better opportunities, higher incomes and brighter future in this country then you need to check Hong Kong Migrants Occupation List 2012.

Before moving to that long list let me introduce you to the basics of the scheme. This scheme is known as Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme. Its aim is to select highly skilled immigrants willing to live in Hong Kong from the pool of immigration applications. To make the process simple and fair they are using points based system to judge the skills of applicant.

Another thing done by Hong Kong immigration department is that they have made list known as Hong Kong migrants Occupation list 2012. This list contains names of the occupations with available vacancies in Hong Kong. Immigration department keeps on updating this list according to the country’s requirement; this is the reason why I have mentioned the year 2012.

You can apply under this scheme if you are will to work in Hong Kong or start up a new venture or project in the country. If you get through the whole process then you are allowed to bring your dependent children below 18 years of age and wife if you are able to support them financially in the country.

(QMAS) Eligibility Criteria

It is a quota based scheme to enter in Hong Kong. This scheme is for the people willing to make or grow their professional career in Hong Kong. Some of the basic requirements are mentioned below:-

Age of the applicant must be equal to or more than 18 years.

He/ she should be able to support themselves along with family financially.

Applicant must not have any criminal background or negative immigration record in Hong Kong.

Applicant need to be proficient in written and spoken English or Chinese.

Applicant needs to have a good academic background. He/she must have an under graduate degree from a recognized university or institute. Professional experience also adds points to this category. If you have a higher degree than you have better chances of visa approval.

Hong Kong Migrants Occupation list 2012 includes following categories:-

  • Sector: Academic Research and Education
  • Sector: Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction
  • Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Sector: Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • Sector: Business Support and Human Resources
  • Sector: Catering and Tourism
  • Sector: Commerce and Trade
  • Sector:
    At I my you the are recommend needed.

    Financial and Accounting Services

  • Sector: Human Health and Veterinary Services
  • Sector: Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Sector: Legal Services
  • Sector: Logistics and Transportation
  • Sector: Manufacturing Industries
  • Sports

So if your profession or occupation belongs to one of the above mentioned categories then you look for the opportunities in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong migrants occupation list 2012 is a long list of different occupational sectors which allows applicants to apply under their profession. This process of selecting migrants is objective and fair. If you are not good at one parameter then you can make up in other parameter. In case of any trouble you can simply contact an immigration consultant in your area.

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  • Sydur Rahaman

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am unhappy to see this list.

    I am very much interested to migrate Hong Kong with my family as this is one of the secured country in this world. I want to settle my two children to Hong kong.

    but it is unfortunate for me that there is no scope for me. because my profession is not included in the occupation list.

    I am an Agriculturist, have more than 7 years job experience in this field. I want to get migration to Hong Kong only for my two children.


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