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One of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is one of the globe’s topmost financial centers. This beautiful region also has one of the highest per capita incomes in the whole world.  Due to these and certain other equally important factors Hong Kong immigration makes much sense, and is widely made use of by the enterprising migrants from across the world.

Significantly, its geographical nearness to India makes it a much preferred overseas immigration destination for the Indian migrants–more so for those who could be keen to make the most of the Hong Kong’s pro-business & investment atmosphere.  The nation also boasts of one of the most migrant-friendly immigration policies in the world even while through several attractive and easy-to-follow visa categories it inspires the aliens to shift to its territories, to fulfill their dreams.

For those who may want to work in the country, which is also a leading Asian economy, it could be a really good idea to utilize the famed Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme. Businessmen and investors can look at Hong Kong’s Capital Investment Entrant Scheme to immigrate to Hong Kong. Numerous attractive choices are available in case you possess the needed expertise and are keen to reside and get fruitfully employed in the country, such as the General Employment Policy (GEP) Program (for trained manpower with an offer of employment), & the General Points Test (GPT).

General Employment Policy

The overseas people with an offer of employment in the country–and who have the perfect combination of expertise, knowledge, besides experience–may duly shift to the nation via the General Employment Policy (GEP) program. Apart from an offer of employment, the aspirant will also require proving that he has applicable qualifications & experience for the employment at hand. The levels of salary will also require being at the existing wage for the work in the same line-of-work.

General Points Test (GPT)

This points-based arrangement is not much different from the similar arrangements proffered by certain top immigration destinations, like Australia & Britain. Under this, the visa-petitions of the candidates are duly examined against a combination of conditions such as age, language expertise, academic credentials, besides job-experience. However, under this scheme, it’s not mandatory to have an offer of employment from a national firm/recruiter. Presently, the candidates ought to garner not less than 80 points, under the GPT test, even as the same is subject to change at times.

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Since the competition could be tough, and the number of Hong Kong permits to be made available in a year limited (just 1000 visas), it would be advisable to present the best possible step forward to convince the concerned immigration & visa authorities to give a green signal to you.  Given this, you ought to get professional help and who can be better than Abhinav Hong Kong immigration experts for this?

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