House of Lords sticks to New Changes in UK Immigration Policy

The UK government made an announcement of introducing some changes in immigration policy especially for citizens from outside European Economic Areas who wish to apply for family migration. The new rules came into force on July 9, 2012.

The House of Lords on Tuesday (October 23) witnessed a debate-session over immigration changes and took on several other important issues.

The latest immigration changes set a parameter of minimum income criteria for the UK residents who are keen to live with their family and bring them from outside the non-European Economic Areas.

Those who wish to bring their spouses in the UK, have to satisfy the requirement of having minimum income criteria of £18,600. Moreover, the UK citizen who wishes to bring spouse with a kid, must fulfill a minimum income threshold of £22,400.

Baroness Smith, a popular face of UK’s Labor Party, came with a ‘motion of regret’ in the second chamber of UK parliament. She discussed about her motion of regret that is focused on HC 194, which is in favor of a minimum income threshold of £18,600 for the residents who have desires to sponsor their spouses or kids and live with them in the United Kingdom.

She said that there is no problem if people

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seek to live with their family in the UK or wish to bring them, but they should not expect any support from the government or state.

So, the requirement of a minimum income criteria truly serves its purpose of making an individual eligible for sponsoring their family members, by demonstrating that they have enough funds to access and stay with their family. She however expressed her regret for income threshold, which is too high.

Baroness Browning from Conservative Party, on the contrary, said that a minimum income limit of £18,600 is quite less and certainly not sufficient for an individual living with their family.

Baroness Hamwee, other popular face of Conservative Party, said that the rules are meant to be accessed easily. The new changes in immigration policy are so complex. She also lambasted Baroness Smith for creating confusions by offering her discombobulating-worded motion.

Lord Teverson, Liberal Democrat stated that UK citizens are free to live or marry someone whomever they like the most, state should not intervene in their personal life.

Responding to the motion, Lord Taylor, the Parliamentary under-secretary of state, said the government’s new immigration policy is aimed to reduce immigration. People who are anxious to stay in the UK with their family members must be financially sound.

Baroness Smith said that she is not happy with the new changes in the UK immigration policy. She continued that the new changes will not make any positive impact on families.

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