Learn How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa & Explore Overseas Hotspot With Ease!

Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Travel Visa–also known as Canada Tourist Visa — is a very good visa option to explore the overseas wonder, called Canada. With Canada Travel Visa, you may visit the place for a maximum period of six months at a stretch if you have a single entry visa. But if you have a multiple entry permit, you can visit the nation several times through a 10 year period without having to reapply each time, though your every trip made to the hotspot must not exceed the six month mark.

For the latter, the maximum validity period, as mentioned before, is 10 years or one month prior to the date of expiry mentioned on the passport/re-entry visa, whichever comes before. The concerned Canadian POE officials will regularly grant admission for a time-frame of six months to an individual seeking entry as a guest or visitor.

Canada Travel Visa

Canada Travel Visa

Canada Tourist Attractions

Also known as the Maple Leaf Country, Canada is dotted with countless tourist attractions. Its different provinces and territories offer a kaleidoscope of religions, cultures, food, and customs making the place a truly cosmopolitan country.

Top Canada Festivals & Carnivals

What’s more: almost through the year, you will find some or the other carnival or festival igniting the atmosphere and adding to the appeal of the country.

Toronto International Film Festival, it is organized in the month of September in Toronto, Ontario); Winterlude, it takes place in the early February, Ottawa, Ontario); Calgary Exhibition & Stampede, it is organized in mid-July in Calgary, Alberta); Edmonton Folk Music Festival, it takes place in the month of August in Edmonton, Alberta); Quebec Winter Carnival, it can be enjoyed between the end January and mid-February in Quebec)…these are just some of the major events/festivals of the country and every one of them is worth being a part of and deriving pleasure from.

How to apply for Canada Travel Visa?

Now the important question that surfaces is: how to apply for Canada Travel Visa?

You have two very good options–you can apply on paper or online.

For the former, to begin with, get the application package. It will have an instruction guide and every form you require to fill out. Do the needful.

Pay your application charges. In majority of the nations, it is mandatory that the charges are given in Canadian dollars.

Lastly, present your Canada tourist Visa application. For the purpose, you will have to make a trip to the responsible Canadian visa office in your nation or region.

After this, a Canada Travel Visa will be issued to you and you may move to the destination.

In some situations, at the port of entry an immigration officer will question you to ensure admissibility. To put it differently, there could be the requirement of an interview even as the visa official will confirm: your reasons for making a trip to the nation; your capability or readiness to exit the nation when your visa loses its legal validity; your general admissibility to the hotspot.


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