How to Attain Canada Permanent Residence?

If you are enticed by the bright kaleidoscopic hues and the best multiculturalism that prevails, then Canada is the place that you would like to be with. This country is the best example that you can consider in the first place, and if you want to get into this nation, then there are numerous ways that you can count upon.

In most cases, there are different visa options that you can avail to get the movement happening in particular. If you are thinking that why the Maple Leaf Country is the best place to make the movement, you can always reckon the optimum life standards and multiculturalism that dominates the horizon in particular. If you are looking for the best place then it would definitely be Canada to start with.

Now, most of the aspirants are wondering that how to get Canada Permanent Residence (PR), and if you are still wondering about the same, you can always look forward to the Express Entry scheme to help streamline the movement.

If you are still wondering that which the best option to avail is, you can look forward to the Express Entry Programme for streamlining the movement. The programme has emerged as the game changer for the immigrants, and it has been helping in streamlining the movement at a faster pace. And, if you want to move, then you can use this program for movement.

Now, mere movement is not the only thing that you can look up to. You must walk that extra-mile and make sure that you move using the scheme in the first place. The Express Entry envisages the path to citizenship through the PR.

So, if you want to know the possibilities that are waiting to happen, you can always look forward to the ways that are mentioned in this piece.

Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)

You can look forward to the skilled worker program to get the PR to Canada. The skilled worker program is the best resort that would help you to avail the movement. If you wish to go for this program then post the validation, you can apply for the PR within the 60 days time.

You can say that possibilities would be certain under the program and movement wouldn’t look tough at all. So, if you want the movement to happen, you can always look forward to the FSWP.

Key Requirements

If you are going for this programme then you will have to meet with the following requirements:

  • You must have 1,560 hours of experience in the first place to simplify the movement.
  • You must be engaged in the paid work to help get the visa streamlined in particular.
  • You must reflect in the skill category 0, A and B.

This is the first probability that must be satisfied in the first place for streamlining the movement.

In the next category, you can avail the PR by going for the investor immigration or business programme. If you want to go for the investor immigration and business program, you can make the movement come up in handy.

Take a look at the investor immigration to get the visa possibilities streamlined and you are able to get the PR in the first place!

Quebec PR Programme

The Quebec authorities have launched a new scheme and that allows the immigrants to avail the PR Programme for ensuring a safer and smarter stay in the land of Canada. If you are still wondering about the possibilities, you can have them right away and to get the PR to Canada wouldn’t look tough at all once you have this program to get things streamlined in particular.

So, make sure that you make it happen in the first place and if you want to let the possibilities happen then you must have C$ 16, 00,000 to help streamline the movement. If you could keep a tab of that, then things would happen in the best way for you.


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