How to Become Permanent Resident in Canada?

You can become a Permanent Resident in Canada if you want. It’s a fact that to move to the Maple Leaf Country on a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa is a dream for many and they strive hard to make it into a reality.Free Assessment form

If you are one such person, with the fall of the winter 2018, you can easily move to the very popular destination with the Permanent Resident for Canada Programme. The PR Visa would be given to those who have exceptional skills that can bring social and economic benefits for the nation and improve it further.

Permanent Resident in Canada

Permanent Resident in Canada

How to Get PR Visa to Canada?

Through Express Entry Programme

On the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), in which the applicants will be given score out of 1,200 points, you will be given the advantage to contest for the naturalization. In this way, you can move with the help of programme.

You can use Express Entry for these popular visa schemes and become a permanent resident in Canada:

Federal Skilled Workers Programme: The Federal Skilled Workers Programme gives equal opportunity to the skilled workers, from across the globe, in the Maple Leaf Country to submit an application for the much sought after PR Visa. They can immediately submit an application for the PR Visa within 60 days, post the immigration to Canada. But the PR Visa would be given only to those individuals who are on some managerial o executive position.Check Your Eligibility

Federal Skilled Trades Programme: Specific trades are in the demand every year. On account of less participating in such trades, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) actively offers opportunity to the enterprising traders from the different parts of the world to participate in the thriving Canadian trade and help it grow further. Such individuals, upon getting recognized in the respective trade, can present a petition for the much sought after PR status in the nation. The process is rather simple even as it will take less time to move without any challenge.

Canadian Experience Class: For the immigrants who are on a Temporary Visa to Canada, they can apply for the change of the status. They can easily submit an application for the PR status upon the completion of their apprenticeship or internship programme. Such individuals are given the chance to apply for the Permanent Resident Visa to Canada under specific skills and trade. They can apply through their immigration lawyers and get the approval to continue as Canadian citizens.

These are some of the ways through which it is extremely promising and easier to seek for the residency to Canada and live a pretty lavish and blessed life. Take your pick! The Maple Leaf Country awaits you.Click Here

Become a Permanent Resident in Canada, be a key ingredient in the multicultural pot, and further improve the flavor of the sumptuous treat called Canada!


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