How to Find Best Australian Immigration Consultants in India?

How to find the Best Australian Immigration Consultants in India? Now this could be a rather difficult question to answer considering India has numerous service providers running their offices from the different corners of the country, especially from the metros and big cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, etc., and all claiming to be the best and the finest in the business.

Even those who could be looking to get assistance and guidance or may have already received these may have conflicting views and things to say on the issue of the Best Immigration Consultants in India for Australia.

Best Australian Immigration Consultants in India

Best Australian Immigration Consultants in India

So in such a scenario how do we a reach a mature conclusion? How do we zero in on the real Best Australian Immigration Consultants in India? Well, we can come to a good conclusion and judge the skills and capabilities of the service providers on the basis of certain parameters.

Let’s check them here!

  1. Track Record

To begin with, we can examine their track record, right? By track record, we mean the past performances of the service providers and their success rate in helping aspirants move to the overseas destinations of their choice. Have they (the consultants) managed to score consistently well, in terms of helping their clients gets a visa of their choice? Have they fulfilled the promises made before, and if yes, to what degree? These are some questions, an answer to which would help us review the track record of a service provider and find, perhaps, the Best Australian Immigration Consultants in India.

  1. Registration

Besides track record, we can also find out if the agents are registered. Now, this may not matter a lot for some people, but it’s a fact that the registered players in the business are comparatively better than the non-registered ones since they are regulated by the concerned government rules and guidelines, and hence the chances of their taking their clients for a ride are not high. It means when you draft a registered player, you are somewhat in safe hands. And, in today’s scam-ridden world–dominated by unscrupulous service providers–it means a lot.

  1. Specialized Consultants

Apart from track record and registration, the presence of competent and experienced country-specific–and if possible visa category specific consultants–also could be a termed a key parameter using which the worth and value of a service provider could be judged and a decision taken on hiring (or not hiring) them.

These days, the majority of the visa and immigration consultancies are run and managed with just a few consultants. These agents offer consultancy for nearly every overseas hotspot, such as Canada and the UK; and every visa category, such as Permanent Resident Visa and Business Visa.

This ‘one key for all locks’ approach does not work in the real world, particularly in the field of immigration consultancy that necessitates a highly dedicated and focused approach by dedicated and specialized country and visa category experts. So look out for those consultancies that have dedicated and country and visa category experts!

Keep the tips shared in the blog and judge the worth or competence of a service provider on these parameters, and there is no reason why you cannot stumble across the best Australian immigration consultants in India, for a very good outcome.


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  • paru

    Thanks for sharing the way to choose the right consultant for the immigration process.

    Australia is a consistantly emerging popular immigration destination for people from  India. With the availability of guidance from a number of  Australia immigration consultants in  Delhi, people from India are showing interest like never before in  Australia Immigration. Ever thought why this happening? The huge job opportunities, quality of education, the standard of living are some factors that attract immigrants.

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