How to get PR in Canada from India?

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Justin Trudeau has been campaigning for openness in the immigration policy to Canada with different sectors opening their realms to acquire skilled migrants from different parts of the globe. Such a take has been lauded by the immigrants, but the cost at which the Canadian immigration has been shaping up needs to be catered for. You know how to get PR in Canada from India, but are you also aware of the immense pressure put on the economy?

How to get PR in Canada from India?

How to get PR in Canada from India?

At present, when you hire an immigration agent, they can help you get to know how to get Canada PR Visa from India, but if the pressure exerted continues then the announcement by Justin Trudeau of opening unlimited immigration opportunity to the hotspot might be under strict check.

Immediate Impact of Immigration on High Scale to Canada

Housing Crisis

With immigration the demand for real-estate is on the rise in prime cities, like Vancouver and Toronto. With the rise in the demand, the demand-supply paradigm has changed dramatically leading to cost imbalance. Such consequences might destroy the dream of many who are not from a rich background. As the demand soars, even the median range houses have passed the normal pricing and breached high-end value at present.

As a country which is on the path of further development, this can be a good chance, but the history has been harrowing with respect to the real-estate investment. The demand has pulled many countries towards Canada with the investment in the real-estate, but Global meltdown in 2008 was the outcome of such extravagant investments and you cannot rule that out.Check Your Eligibility

Job Market

Job for the indigenous workers in the Maple Leaf Country is on the fall. With most of the immigrants willing to work at lower salaries as compared to the Canadians, the companies have been willing to hire them in the pool of trained workers. Not just hire them; they are also willing to gift them with the PR status after meeting with the normal requirements. The companies have helped the immigrants to understand how to get PR in Canada from India and they are applying for that. The working immigrants bring their family which further puts pressure on the population of the country.

The citizens in the Maple Leaf Country have been demanding instant solution for this draconian problem that will completely destroy the economy in the near future, if not checked. It will completely depend on the statistics which will be derived under the Express Entry Program from the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC) to understand how this year the immigration has eaten up the opportunities of the citizens of the hotspot, and how the government will take actions in the near future, to ensure that both the citizens and immigrants are satisfied with the immigration.Click Here


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