How To Migrate to Australia from India?

Immigrate to Australia from India

Australia has always been a discerning choice for the would-be migrants from India and elsewhere. Lately, after the emergence of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and appointment of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India, the diplomacy with the Kangaroo Land has strengthened over the years. As India and Australia move on the path of brotherhood and diplomacy, How to migrate to Australia from India has been simplified by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Immigrate to Australia from India

Immigrate to Australia from India

Canberra has gone ahead and duly accepted 100 sub permits duly recognized in the permanent, provisional and temporary visa categories. As per the available statistics, the successful applicants can move to Down Under on Business, Travel and Work Visas.

For those who are wishful of knowing how to migrate to Australia from India, here are a few ways that you can consider and make your plan accordingly!


The Skilled Occupation List and the Central Skilled Occupation List distinguish between the bogus and genuine immigration applications. So, at the time of applying for Australia, you must duly check with the immigration service provider about these two specifications. Only after you are 100% content, proceed ahead!Free Assessment form

Temporary Work Visa

You can migrate to Australia based on the Temporary Work Visas. Such visas are given to cope up with the demand in the nation. In this particular visa category, you will have to stay in the overseas hotspot for only a short period of time. Such visas are given for a maximum period of 4 years. As per the Temporary Visa, you can be asked to return to the home country after the completion of the project or the demand.

Permanent Work Visa

The Subclass 186 allows the candidates to move to the Kangaroo Land on a Permanent Visa. The Permanent Visa will allow the successful candidates to live indefinitely in the overseas hotspot. You can consult with your immigration agent to find out more about the Permanent Resident Visa (PRV).

Business Visa

You can also move to the popular destination on business innovation, business investment or only investment visa. In this specific visa type, either the applicants set up a new business, innovate an existing business or undertake lucrative investment in the Australia Government Bond Programme with no interest.

Institution of marriage

People from India can also move to Australia by the institution of marriage. In this way, they can get citizenship along with the movement to the hotspot. But the bride or groom must have Australian citizenship.Check Your Eligibility

These are few ways to migrate to Australia from India. For more updates, you can at any point of time consult with your immigration agent for technical insights.


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