So You Also Want To Know How to Immigrate to Australia?

Every year thousands of people from all across the world immigrate to Australia. Its sounds as if it is very simple to immigrate to this country. Well, here’s another side of the story, i.e., thousands of visa applications are getting rejected by Australian immigration and citizenship center even while thousands of applications are waiting for an approval.

It all depends on situation and conditions and various other factors affecting the process of migration. The easiest way is to get sponsored by employer. If you are a skilled worker, looking for a job, and have good knowledge of the English language, and have no criminal record, then it will not be tough for you to immigrate to the country.

Australian immigration and citizenship center has made a priority list. If your occupation comes under the list of skilled occupation list then you should apply. This will bring you in the priority list for the approval of visa.

You can apply under this category by following three steps. Firstly, by filling and submitting the application form via the employer who wants to sponsor you. Secondly, nominating you for the position he is hiring you for. Lastly, you must apply for working visa so that you can immigrate to the country.

For accredit program you will need sponsorship at the time of application. There are certain conditions to be met for this criterion. Firstly, the company or organization should have a turnover of at least four million dollars per year from at least last three years. Non approval percent should be less than three and few others if all these conditions are fulfilled then it will be a lot easier for you to immigrate to the country.

There are two categories of visa — temporary and permanent depending on what you want and the kind of job you are seeking. If your occupation doesn’t

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lie under skilled occupation list then you can go for labor agreement program.

This can be both temporary and permanent. There is no extra charge for this agreement. For long stay, the business visa charges are approximately thousand Australian dollars, and for temporary stays, it may come down to nearby five hundred

dollars. Under temporary visa, you can work in Australia up to four years. After you immigrate, there will be no restriction for staying or leaving the country till our visa does not expire.

The immigrating process to Australia is different for different people depending on the kind of visa you are looking for. If you are not looking under skilled worker program and don’t even have relatives to sponsor you, then you are not on their priority list. Otherwise, things can be simpler.

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