How to immigrate to Canada in the most liveable cities

Do you wish to migrate to Canada? Do you know How to immigrate to Canada? We have compiled the information of Canada Immigration procedure and some interesting facts about Canadian Cities.

Statistics shows that Canada has the most liveable cities of the world with high standard of living, world-class Education and Healthcare facilities. Recently, The Economist released the Global Liveability Index 2019, which graded three Canadian cities — Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver among the top 10 list. The Index outlined a total 140 cities across the globe by evaluating each city on the parameters of healthcare, stability, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Vienna retained its top spot for consecutively 2 years as the world’s most liveable city. And, the Canadian cities like Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto came in fifth, sixth and seventh position respectively. According to this list, Canada and Australia have become the only nations to be have three cities in the top 10 list.


Check Your Eligibility


All the statistics and parameters directly show the Canada’s living standards and openness of accepting immigrants from all around the world. These three cities have been torch-bearer of economic development and welfare of the people with the implementation of govt. policies and programs. Over the years, these cities have attracted a huge number of skilled professionals, business personnel, students, and new residents.

How to apply for Canada PR Visa?

All the interested and eligible applicants should apply for the Canada PR Visa thorough the pathway of Canada Express Entry which is most preferred and popular visa stream for permanent residency. The Canada Express Entry pathway is a point-based immigration program that assesses the profile who meets the Canada PR visa requirements and ranks them under the Comprehensive Ranking System. The system approves the eligible candidates based on their Canada Express Entry Points consisting of skills, experience, and other factors.

In order to apply for the Canada PR, one needs to follow the below procedure:

  • Occupation List: Primarily, candidates must choose the suitable occupation as per the National Occupation Classification List.
  • Fill Out Your Profile: Candidate must file the online express entry form by uploading key documents of education, experience and other personal documents.
  • Express Entry Pool: Once the application is filed in the pool, the candidate will be issued with the Comprehensive Ranking System scores that will decide the chances of getting selected.
  • Invitation to Apply: If the CRS Scores are high and meets the Canada Express Entry Draw Points, the candidates will receive the Invite to Apply from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • Apply for Permanent Residency Online: The final step is to provide required documents within the 60 days from the receipt of Intimation to Apply.

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