How to Migrate to Australia from India!

India is the second most populated country in the world. Though it is a country of endless opportunities, not every individual, frankly speaking, gets what he wants in India. In-spite of being a qualified professional, many people fail to leave a mark and find acceptance, not to mention the wages they deserve by virtue of their qualifications and expertise. No wonder, rather than wasting their skills and killing their dreams, many such individuals prefer to migrate overseas.

In India, the concept of immigration is quite common and flourishing. Many individuals–in search of better livelihood opportunity and progressive future–migrate to foreign land. Though in India, many countries are popular–such as Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Britain, & the US–the country that tops the chart, and commands the respect and love of the Indian aspirants the most, is none other than the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia.

Among the people in India the immigration hotspot in question is known as a country of endless opportunities. People are eager to migrate to its shores and start life afresh. Since long, the country has given ample of opportunities to many skilled professionals, and professionals such as Engineers, Doctors, Business professionals are happily living across the country.

Does the country attract you as well? Are you eager to give a fresh start in Australia? But one question keeps pooping in your mind, and that is “how to migrate to Australia from India”? Then in that case you have a choice: you can either self-process your application, or process the same under the guidance of an expert.

If you have decided to self-process your application, then you can do so by simply consulting an consulate at the Australian High Commission/Embassy situated in New Delhi, the Capital city of India. But before you have to decide under which category you wish to process your application, you should be sure of the purpose of your visit. Is it a short term visit gaining international experience or you plan to be part of Australian economy indefinitely?

Before you take an appointment with a consulate at the Embassy/High Commission, it is advisable to go through the official website of the Department of Immigration and Broader Protection (DIBP)—the concerned visa & immigration body of Oz. Once you have discussed your case with the authorized consultants, you can obtain a form and fill it neatly. Make sure that the form does not look untidy, and avoid spelling mistakes.

Ensure that the application has all the required documents and no false information or documents are provided. On the discovery of false documents or information, your petition may be rejected permanently. It is strongly advisable that before you submit your application, self-asses your credentials which will give a clear perspective of your successful migration chances.

You can either submit the application personally on any working day, or else send the same via courier–both are legal and well accepted ways depending on your choice.

The second and the most popular path is consulting an expert. These specialists have many years of relevant experience behind them and provide assistance as per your specific requirements. These experts are beneficial for all but are most beneficial for those who follow a busy schedule every day and have no time to complete the lengthy paper work.

These days, the different means of communication has made these experts all the more valuable. Many of them provide 24X7 assistance, and in the process, save the valuable time of the prospective immigrants. As these experts are working in the industry for years, they have a strong internal network and accuracy to keep themselves well updated with the latest development and last many changes in the migration laws.

Though the migration process to your dream destination Australia could be somewhat difficult, it is certainly not certainly difficult to answer the question—how to migrate to Australia from India.


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    I heard from many consultancy that,Nova Scotia nominee programme is going to open on mid of jan 1st,is there any occupation list ,and please send the IELTS required for this programme

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