Hungary Business Immigration Scheme–Key Advantages At A Glance

Europe generally brings prosperity and happiness into the life of travelers. Hungary is a European nation and famous for its growing economy and natural beauty. Its capital city Budapest is one of the most visited places in Europe. If you wish to live and work in Europe, then Hungary is a good option.

Founded in 9th Century, the landlocked country is located in Central Europe. It experienced severe economical loss along with manpower during the World War I and II, but today it is not only economically strong but has one of the strongest growing economies in the European Union (EU).

People from all walks of life enquire about Hungary Immigration, but it has been observed that in the last five years a large number of businessmen has made country their second home, courtesy Hungary Business Immigration Scheme and its key advantages.

Hungary has the easiest pathway for businessman to settle in Europe and the key benefits associated with it are endless. If you are a businessman and eager to take benefit of the present economic situation, then below is the in-depth information to make Hungary Immigration easy.

Hungary Business Immigration Scheme

Prospective business immigrants are required to form a company in their own name in the nation. Very often soon-to-be immigrants form LLC or KFT type of a company. The formation of a firm does not take more than EUR 10,000 (HUF 3,000,000).

The major plus point is it is not mandatory to maintain the share capital in your bank account. As soon the company has been incorporated, you can use you capital on the company related things, such as warehouse rental, office furniture or market research.

Being a business friendly country the formation of the company does not take more than two week and for small scale business the cooperate tax is just 10%. Firms are issued an EU VAT number and using the same annual tax has to be paid.

Key Advantages

  1. Visa free travel to the EU.
  2. You may live in Schengen member countries for up to 90 days in six months.
  3. Cooperate tax is the lowest in Europe, just 10%.
  4. Company formation is real fast and easy.
  5. Citizens of all the nations may apply.
  6. Applicants do not have to undergo any difficult selection process based on their language, skills, experience and education.
  7. You are eligible to apply for the Hungary Residency once you have lived and worked in the country for five years.
  8. Permanent residents get many benefits, such as free education, access to health care facilities and other social benefits.
  9. Primary applicant may bring along his family members (04 members).
  10. To attract more businessmen, the Hungary government will soon introduce a simple and quick citizenship option that will allow the candidate to travel visa free to countries, like the US and Canada.

Hungary Business Immigration Scheme has many key benefits. So, if you have decided to immigrate to Hungary, then certainly you have taken the right decision.


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