It’s Best Time for Hungary Immigration from India

Hungary is simmering on the platter of Indians when it comes to moving to Europe, the most striking feature is the leverage that it wields. So, you might ask about the leverage, in that case, take a look at some of the advantages that it can garner.

As it is an integral part of the Schengen countries, as per the rules, if you get entry into any Schengen country, you can easily move to other Schengen countries, and you won’t require a work permit for such movement.Check Your Eligibility

No wonder, immigrants from India find Hungary as a gateway to other stalwarts in the Europe, like France, Germany and the UK, and this reason has made a sudden spike of Hungary immigration from India. This trend has reverberated in India and many Indians are exploiting Schengen countries where movement can be easily facilitated to get into high grossing countries in the European Union (EU).

Hence–if you also fall in the same category, and you want to move to some highly promising and fast growing economy in Europe, however, you find their immigration laws difficult to facilitate the movement–you can move through the Schengen privilege and enjoy the pleasure of living in the country of your choice.

So, if you want to move to Hungary from India, this is how things can be streamlined.

If you are an Indian from the states of the Union like Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Goa, you can file your application for immigration to Hungary at the Hungarian Consulate based in Mumbai. Generally, the application procedure is pretty simple, and your immigration agent can help you figure that out in the best way. For studying and pursing research, the maximum time for getting petition assessed is 15 days, however, for job it takes 90 days.Free Assessment form

Given this, at the time of applying, you must have to see that there are some parameters met while furnishing the documents. It is imperative that you fill a form as per the regulation of the Hungarian authorities. And provide them along with your digitalized signature.

At the same time, when you present your passport, you must make certain that it will not expire within three months after reaching the immigration destination. It is also a requirement that your passport should have two blank pages and you have to pay EUR 60 fee or INR 4681 to the consulate of Hungary.

Trade relations between India and Hungary have improved and it has touched a magic figure of $670 million. It is anticipated that it will touch a whopping $1billion is the near future. So, such bold initiatives at the hands of these two dynamic countries have helped immigration become much more practicable and doable. 4,000 visas were issued in 2011.Click Here

This year, the country is looking forward to grant more 10,000 visas and investor visas rule the roost in this category, so Hungary immigration from India never looks a herculean task any more. Hence, if you want to move, then this is the best time for it.



  • Saugata Chakraborty

    HI, I have a Schenzen Visa and work permit for hungary from my current company , and now I am raising one Dependent visa for my spouse Schenzen Type D visa, so can she complete master degree from Hungary university’s without raising student visa.

  • Vijay

    Hello, I live in Tamil Nadu. I have a B.Tech degree from, Anna University, Chennai, though I have almost a decade experience as a technical consultant in software industry, I’m looking to. Establish my own start-up firm and developed the business. Would establishing my start-up in Hungary be helpful?

  • Ravi

    If employers from Hungary want to apply for my Visa. How long will it take for approval and what would be the procedure?

  • Dilshad Khan

    I am a 38 years old IT professional with a post graduate degree in commerce.
    I have over 15 years of experience in IT & Admin. Are there any possibilities for getting Job in Hungary.

  • Vikas Arora

    Kindly let me know about the procedure for migration from India to Hungary as a health care professional. Pharmacist.

    Feel free to contact me on 9842600036.

  • Deepthi Warrier

    I am an Indian currently working in Dubai past 5years. I am planning to relocate as in to migrate and get a PR first then a citizenship in any European country since Hungary is easy I would wsnt to know more about my opportunities. I have experience in Administration and Human resource areas.

  • Amit Pathania

    Hello sir , this is Amit Pathania here from India residing in Jammu and Kashmir, I m a post graduate in agriculture science . Can I immigrate to Hungary , i m 39 years old


    I am 46 yrs old ,my qualification in Biological graduation from kolkata university,west bengal,with diploma in journalism and also diploma in computer software management.working in satellite news channel as video editor more than 17 it possible for me to live in Budapest Hungary permanently?inform me.

  • Mahendra singh badal

    I had applied for student visa on 25 Jan but I didn’t get any response from them. I had applied for April/ May but It crossed date.
    What should I do??

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Mahendra,

      Sorry we could not help you in this because we don’t provide student visa services.

  • Plz send me application form for Hungary contact me on my phone 00917830361708

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