Decoding Hungary Immigration Visa Investor Programme

Hungary Immigration Visa Investor Programme

Hungary is a pretty dynamic country, and if you have sheer dynamism and skillfulness in you, one thing is evident: you will truly enjoy living in the overseas hotspot. It is especially suited for those individuals who are real time investors.

The country is extremely investment centric and if you have the will to make your money yield, you will be truly moved by the penchant and the nepotism that Hungary offers to business enthusiasts. You can opt for immigration visa to Hungary under the investor immigration programme.

This is one of the best alternatives that people can resort to if they are looking for Hungary. Expediency in investor immigration programme processing is a big advantage. So, if you are applying under this programme, one thing is obvious: you don’t have to wait for long for moving to the nation.

Let’s take a brief sneak peek at the Hungarian investor immigration programme and throw some light on the eligibilities that it seeks for streamlining the movement to this country!

This programme is especially suited for Non-European nationals to help get into the European continent. In most of the cases, it is often the rich enthusiasts from the far western and eastern countries who avail this immigration visa, and make their dream come alive of living in the European continent.

So, if you are enthusiastic, how the movement can be streamlined is something that you would like to have a look at. Basically, under the investor immigration programme, you will have to make a seed capital investment. You can make the investment in setting up a new company, or you can even invest in an existing company and provide a helping hand to its expansion.

In both these cases, the investor immigration visa for Hungary would be relevant. However, in this piece, you will just come to know about the investment in an altogether new company. You can look forward to a single person owned Limited Liability Company for streamlining the movement.

In general, if you are setting up a new company, the minimum capital requirement to meet with this pursuit would hover around EUR 10,000, but the amount can fluctuate as per the requirement of the situation.

The country is very friendly towards business, so you will truly have a honeymoon period when your business is taxed at just 10% of the total earning that you receive. In most of the cases, it is a chimera, but when you are in Hungary, it is evident that you will experience this feeling once you set out for business.

Once everything is streamlined and you have set up your business in the country, you are eligible to file for permanent residency. During this time period, you will be given a C visa. It is valid for 30 days. However, once the setup that you have taken starts its operation, you can file for Hungary permanent residency (PR) and live in the country as its citizen.


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