Immigrate to Canada! Use Canada Express Entry 2015!

New realms have opened for those enthusiasts who were looking for better pay, higher standard of living, and a country where their children and grand children can grow and dream big. So, by now you might be wondering where these opportunities are waiting to be grabbed. Well, to your surprise these opportunities are simmering the other end of the world. Yes, you got be right, on the west in Canada!

This year Canada–a country not just beautiful at heart but also from mind—has helped innumerable dreams come alive through its Express Entry immigration system. Canada Express Entry 2015 to immigrate to Canada will help make the movement faster, cheaper and much easier than before. Under this unprecedented immigration system, the advantage that thousand and millions of immigrants, who were denied the visa in the first place even they were the most deserving ones, is they would be given importance this time.

You may ask why so? Well, Express Entry system is not just unprecedented but also the lone of its kind prevalent till now in the immigration system. The beauty that it generates is, it considers those individuals who can bring about a change in the economic story of the country.

So the bottom-line is skilled movement. Yes, you heard me right, skilled entry it is!  If you want to move to the immigration hotspot, it can only be facilitated through your skills.  In case you have considerable skills, experience and knowledge about a certain industry, you stand a better chance to move to this country now, and Express Entry takes into the reckoning almost every jobs that can be done under the sun. Hence, if you have the skills, then Canada is waiting to welcome you this January 2015.

The immigration programme follows three systems for facilitating the movement. So, you can move via:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)

2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)

3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

You can also move through territorial sponsorship but it will be covered under different immigration norms. However, the best and easy one is Express Entry 2015 for Canada, a chance to immigrate to Canada in not more than 6 months. Yes, just in six months! This program will not waste your valuable time and will make sure that each second of the clock that passes counts.

Hence, you will be certain that even though you are not eligible for movement, you can straightway figure that out by filling the Express Entry form online. Some of the questions are asked even as your ILETS score will also be accounted for. So, before you apply for express entry profile, you must ensure in the first place that IELTS has been done away with.

This system considers the language skills of the candidates who have expressed their interest to move to the nation. So, this year Canada is all set to welcome you with open arms. All you need to do is just reach for it, and who knows tomorrow your abode would be in Nova Scotia, British Columbia (BC), or Kamloops!


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  • Rinkal

    I am Rinkal from Karnal Haryana and I did M.Sc in Computer Science as well as M.Tech in Software Engineering along with 5 years System Administrator job experience with Engineering college and Liberty Shoes. Now i want to settled in Canada. So kindly send me the procedure as well as minimum IELTS score required for the same.

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