Immigrate to Quebec, Improve Your Life!

The ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, Canada, is the finest immigration destination and always ready to welcome those who wish to live and work in its various provinces. Many Canadian provinces allow aliens under its various programmes to live and work in its provinces.

One such province that is immigrant- friendly and always welcomes immigrants with open arms is the country’s only French speaking province, Quebec. It has a thriving economy and is rich in natural resources, but it lacks the sufficient manpower.

Against this backdrop, if you wish to immigrate to Quebec, the time is just right. In order to attract more skilled workers, the province has planned to amend its immigration system. As per some reports, every year approximately 50,000 immigrants come to the province.

Since long the province has been facing many internal problems, such as ageing population, and shortage of skilled workers. Despite the concerned government’s effort to provide extra support to the young generation, by providing low parental and easy access to healthcare programmes, the annual birth rate has decreased drastically.

Over the period 2015 to 2031, the province aims at countering its population problem. To boost its economy, it has become necessary to attract skilled immigrants. As per an estimate, annually approximately 60,000 immigrants are required to maintain Quebec’s workforce.

The province has shown certain leniency towards its immigrants and abolished its decades old Francophone society. Since 1977, it was mandatory for the immigrants’ children to learn French in schools but it’s no longer the same.

The French speaking province has massive plans to amend its immigration system and draw potential skilled immigrants. In order to ease e its application processing time, and make the immigration system transparent, it aims as digitalizing the process.

The province’s government understands the importance of immigrants and so it has adopted a systematic approach to retain foreign students and temporary workers. By stopping the foreign students, the province wishes to stop the foreign talent to its shores only.

The province is in mutual agreement with the Federal Government. As per it, the Quebec Government may recruit immigrants on its own. As per Quebec Minister for Immigration Minister, Kathleen Weil, the province aims at revamping its immigration system and developing one similar to the , Express Entry.

As compared to other Canadian province, it’s difficult to immigrate to Quebec. Many a time aspirants have s shown their concern regarding its lengthy and complicated immigration process. The process is certainly time consuming and often tiresome, but once you have gone through the lengthy phase your life becomes much easy. And, you are granted Permanent Residency (PR) straight away, and once you have lived and worked in the province for three years, you may apply for Canadian Citizenship and Passport.

To make the whole journey easy the prospective immigrants must consult Canada immigration consultants. An experienced advice will certainly prove petty handy and save your time and energy.

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