Immigration to Singapore with EntrePass Visa

Immigration to Singapore

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Singapore has rightfully emerged as the jewel of the east with a fast progressing economy and unprecedented growth level. At the same time, in terms of ease of doing business, this place has certainly outsmarted most of the peers in the East. Given this, as an entrepreneur, if one wants to undertake investment, it can rightfully come through the investor immigration.

immigration to Singapore

immigration to Singapore

Now, most people want to immigrate to Singapore. But they don’t want to take the route through investor immigration. Rather, they are more focused towards skilled immigration even while there has been influx for skilled workers at the same time at Singapore.

Hence, if one wants to immigrate to Singapore, they can look forward to the following visa options.

EntrePass Visa

It has been specifically designed to facilitate the movement for investors who wish to move instantaneously to the country. The visa has to be processed even before incorporating the firm, and it is crucial that the person once have immigrated to Singapore starts the business within 30 days time.

The basic reason which would drive you to immigrate to Singapore with an intention of investment is high-end infrastructure with cutting-edge technology, low taxes, efficient IP protection, and last but not the least, an effective policy to make sure that better business environment can be given.Check Your Eligibility

As an entrepreneur or immigrant, one would like to have a grasp of the features and benefits of this visa. Take a look at the features and benefits that this entrepreneur visa grants for the movement!

  • The minimum requirement for sponsorship of the EntrePass is S$3,000. This amount will be kept as a security with the Singapore immigration department, and the refunding will be streamlined once the immigrant actively decides to leave the country.
  • The EntrePass is processed either before 6 months of the incorporation of the firm or after 6 months of the incorporation of the firm. So, either ways the immigrant can take the movement. It entirely depends on the situation and the willingness of the individual to move under the visa.
  • There is no specific requirement of education for the immigrants. They will have to move with just one thing in mind–investment. If they have the requisite amount of money to invest in the business based in Singapore, they can easily move without any hassle.

EntrePass–Key Advantages

  • The most advantageous aspect of Singapore EntrePass is the flexibility it grants. Individuals can bring their spouse and family along with them using this visa. So, it is always beneficial to have this visa to help in the movement. One can have multiple opportunities to claim.
  • In the completion of two years time, the immigrant can rightfully apply for the permanent residence (PR) without any delay.
  • The work visa holders and investors are the one benefitted from the visa. They can easily get the PR in two years time after the immigration. So, always a good bet to go for this visa.

EntrePass—Key Disadvantages

  • One of the disadvantages of the Singapore EntrePass that can be used to immigrate to Singapore is the delay in sponsoring the spouse and children. The spouse and children can be sponsored once the immigrant has got the PR. So, the process is often deferred and it can be challenging for the immigrant.
  • The person should have strong entrepreneurial background. Those with less amount of experience in the business domain will not be considered for the visa option.

Workers Visa

Employment pass is the visa which is given to the immigrants to move under the skilled immigrant visa. Individuals who are applying for this visa must have a minimum of S$ 3,300 in salary to help streamline the movement. The person with requisite experience in the specific sector can only move under this visa category.

It is vital that they have the relevant experience for the visa which they have applied for. With all these specifications, one can easily immigrate to Singapore in no time and have a better future.Click Here



  • Ria

    Pls contact me regarding Work Visa

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Ria,

      Please note that “We are an immigration consulting company and do not assist in student visas, work permits, overseas or domestic jobs for any country.” If you are looking for a Permanent Residence Visa to Canada or Australia do let me know and I will help you to fix your appointment with one of our best immigration lawyers where you can discuss your possibilities of immigration.

  • Eldhose Alias

    I have 1.6 Year experience as a software developer in Microsoft technology.Also have the PG in computer application.Let me know to the steps and processing of migrate to Singapore as a software developer.

    • Immigration Experts

      Hi Eldhose,

      Thanks for your valuable comment. First, you have to send your updated CV at [email protected], if you are eligible than our counselor contact with you and give you all the information about the process.

  • Dileep Kumar


    I am M.Sc. both in Botany and Biotechnology and JRF of UGC/CSIR-Govt of India. I am also a NET Fellow for Assistant Professorship in Agriculture Universities for Biotechnology ( Agriculture Sciences). I possess teaching and training experience of 8 year both in University and Govt Institute as assistant Professor. I have several publications to my credit on Disaster Management and Climate Change. I am looking for a teaching/research assignment in Singapore. Can you help me out..

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