Immigration to Australia Human Resource Adviser

The HR Managers can now see job prospects in Australia. The recent listing of jobs on CSOL ‘Consolidated Skilled Occupation List’ mentions good many occupations in this area of work. This also shows that the economy in Australia has helped commercial organizations to grow and to also expand the base on work force. The professionals with a Degree on HRM or Personnel Management and a minimum of 5 years of experience can apply for a work visa to Australia. ASRI has listed the occupation under the code name 223111.

The job can be described as – to provide training, administer and manage the HR policies of an organization with an objective to ensure productivity and employee welfare. ASRI has listed the job on Skill Level -1. One must have a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field or 5 years of professional work experience to match skills for the job. It is helpful if you have an AQF / Advanced Diploma on Human Resource Management. Clearly, the job requirements are flexible enough as ASRI would accommodate relevant experience in place of formal education.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has declared 4 such visa programs for immigration to Australia Human Resource Adviser-

1. Employer Nomination Scheme-   Placing an application under the subclass 186 is possible only when you have an offer on employment from an Australian employer. Your employer will nominate your application for the work visa and take liability on work place performance.

2. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme-  A lot of individuals are now taking route of the Provincial Nomination to get the work visa. Here, the provincial government will nominate your application and offer you employment. However, you would be required to work for the designated region for a period of minimum 2 years, essentially.

3. Points based Skilled Migration-   Score a minimum of 60 on Skill select and get the work visa. What looks easy theoretically is actually ‘not’. Skill select will accept your Expression of Interest and will conduct a point’s based assessment of your eligibilities. It includes your education, professional experience, English speaking ability, skills and abilities. A meritorious performance will fetch you an invitation to live and work in Australia.

4. Standard Business Sponsorship-   One can also get sponsored by an approved business in Australia to work for a nominated occupation for a period of 4 years.

Apart from the visa program, it is suggested you pay a good attention to IELTS certificate, VETASSESS and Registration. An immigration consultant would guide you on how to take the International English Language Test Score on proficiency with English Language. This should be followed by a comprehensive assessment of your profile by Vocational Training and Skills Assessment to become sure of the work visa. It is also necessary that you get yourself enrolled at the Professional Society as a registered member.

Immigration to Australia Human Resource Adviser is a great opportunity. But one must become sure of the job specifications and the eligibility criteria to make an application.


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