Immigration to Australia Interior Decorator

Your creative abilities can also be your passport to a dream destination like Australia.

Professionals with ‘Interior Decoration’ on their resume are now invited by ASRI ‘Australia Skills Recognition Information’ to live and work in Australia. The code number 232511 gives a description of the job and also the eligibility. As a professional one is supposed to –

Capture thoughts and create new interiors for industrial, commercial and residential spaces. It is important that the professional is able to plan, supervise and conceive new ideas to produce an environment as per user specification. This also includes space creation, color selection and over all planning.

One of the most important aspects of Skilled Migration is the Eligibility criteria. The intending immigrants are supposed to pay a lot of attention on academic credentials, work experience and the work place skills. The job of an Interior Decorator requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree or at least 5 years of experience in the field of interior planning and decoration. ASRI classifies the job under ANZSCO Skill Type -1 and offers flexibility on formal education. The chances on a work visa are enhanced if you also have an AQF or Advanced Diploma to your credit. This makes you a better candidate on the lot.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection [DIBP] has outlined 4 visa programs for immigration to Australia Interior Decorator. One can place an application under any of the following 4 programs-

1. Skilled Independent visa

2. Employer Nomination Scheme

3. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

4. Temporary (Long stay)  Business

But, the first step is to place on EOI [Expression of Interest] on Skill select. This needs to have a description on education, professional work experience, English proficiency and over all skills. Skill select will instantly undertake a ‘skills assessment’ to all your abilities and allot you a score. Your standing on the final merit list would decide whether you are approved the work visa or not. It is however mandatory that you score at least 60 points to remain alive on the list. Else, the application would be withdrawn.

Mostly the candidates on work visa fail because they lack the necessary information on the eligibility and skills. Also, making a ‘bland’ application would lower the chances on the work visa. A good advice from any immigration service would suggest getting an assessment done before hand.  VETASSESS is one such competent body that undertakes prior assessment and makes recommendation on correction.

Immigration to Australia Interior Decorator is a great opportunity for the professionals in this field. ASRI makes it all the more easier by reducing the bar on formal education. One can make an application even if one has a relevant experience of at least 5 years. It is however suggested to select the right visa program. Ideally the Employer Nomination and Regional Sponsorship should cut the competition and get you an instant nomination. On the other hand, Skilled Independent visa would require a solo performance of your own on Skill select.


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