Immigration to Canada for Construction Estimators Lifetime Opportunity

At the present, qualified Construction Estimators (Code 2234) are officially much in demand in Canada even as Canada immigration is a lifetime opportunity for these professionals. These professionals are high in demand across many Canadian province and territory.

The reasons vary. A large number of the professionals working presently are either on the edge of retirement, or have been given timely promotion. The other reason is that the local talent is unable to fill the required number of the Construction Estimators.

Needless to say, the future opportunities for these professionals are highly bright as the demand is likely to head north in the coming years, and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will continuously try to attract the best applicants available across the globe.

Work Profile

They are responsible to analyze costs and prepare estimates on different projects related to electrical and mechanical, structural, architectural, and civil engineering construction projects. The professional services of these professionals are taken by various companies working on different projects, and also by major electrical, mechanical and trade contractors. They also have an option to be self-employed.

Major Occupational Titles

  • chief estimator – construction
  • construction estimator
  • cost estimator – construction
  • principal estimator – construction
  • professional quantity surveyor
  • quantity surveyor – construction
  • professional estimator – construction
  • professional quantity surveyor
  • quantity surveyor – construction
  • quantity surveyor-estimator
  • senior estimator – construction

Key Requirements

These professionals need to clear a three-year college program in Civil or Construction Engineering Technology, or else should possess years of experience, as a qualified tradesperson. In a construction trade certification by the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors is Mandatory.

Main Duties

  • Prepare estimated budget of materials, labour and required equipment to be used for completing construction projects based on quotations and contract bids.
  • Supervise the tendering procedures, examine and analyze the tenders and negotiate on the same.
  • Maintain tendering procedure and establish cost monitoring, procedure and reporting system.
  • Make a cost expenditure statement and analyze the production work at regular intervals.
  • Maintain a complete directory of different vendors.
  • At different intervals, consult and communicate with the project team.
  • Get ready a progress schedule and discuss the same with production team.

Significantly, the occupation has been included as one of the 50 occupations recently announced under the Federal Skill Worker (FSW) Program. The scheme is the most awaited Canadian program with a cap of 1000 petitions per vocation. Once you are eligible, you are

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granted a PR, though you may not have any prior job offer from a Canadian employer.

Why immigrating to the Maple Leaf Country as Construction Estimator is a good option:

  • One of the major benefits is the right to work and live in any Canadian province or territory, except Quebec.
  • Immigrants have the same freedom, rights and status as that of any Canadian citizen.
  • You have a choice of sponsoring your family members and are also free to visit your native country, without any restrictions.
  • As a Permanent Resident, if you have spent three years in the nation, you are eligible to obtain citizenship.
  • Once you have become a permanent citizen, you have a right to avail various social benefits.
  • The country offers free medical services to its PR and citizens and education up to 11th standard is free while you are granted subsidy on higher education.
  • Due to some reasons, if you have lost your job, you get a unemployment benefit up CAD $2000/- every month.
  • You are entitled to one year paid maternity leave shared by both husband and wife.
  • After acquiring Canadian passport, you can travel to almost 100 countries without obtaining an additional visitor visa.

Immigration to Canada for Construction Estimators is a lifetime opportunity. Those–who have the required skills and wish to move to an overseas destination where their expertise is valued and they are paid handsomely– should opt for Canada immigration. The time is just right for the object.



  • Duane Dael


    I would like to know more details for migration to Canada as Construction Estimation. What are the options? I am married with 1 child 4 yrs old, my wife is a nurse here in Qatar.
    Here is my credentials:

    1. BSc in Civil Engineering
    2. Quantity Surveyor experience: 9 years in GCC
    3. IELTS (7 band)

    I am from Philippines currently working in Qatar.

    Your prompt and immediate response will be highly appreciated.

  • cardvirn simango

    I am a Quantity Surveyor technician from Zimbabwe seeking a career to enhance my skills in Canada.I am willing to relocate and work in Canada please kindly assist with a job opportunity.

  • gayathri

    Just need clarification regarding the process for australia.
    I want to go to Australia with my husband, we both are working in hyderabad,
    My husband is working for a IT company and im working for google.
    Well we both have completed our MBA(HR) from JNTU university.
    If you can help us in this process of leaving to Australia that would be great.

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