Cracking Immigration to Canada with Investor Visa

Immigration to Canada

Canada offers economic prosperity and loads of social benefits. If given a chance no overseas immigration individual will miss an opportunity to immigrate to the North American Country, especially if they happen to be business professionals.

With its unique features, such as flexible government policies, low tax rate, ample of investment opportunities and easy finance options, the country stands apart from others. If you plan to launch a venture in the country, then perhaps you have taken the right decision.

immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada with Investor Visa

With the aim to boost the nation’s economy and create new job opportunities for the nationals, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the apex visa and immigration body for the nation, has introduced Investor Visa. The aim is to draw solid business professionals and/or managers with good managerial skills.

Now let’s take a look on the country’s Entrepreneur Start-Up Programme!

Using the same, applicants can apply for the PR Visa. The program draws business professionals and investors to establish their companies in the country. Eligible candidates are linked with private sector/organizations and they receive easy guidance and funding.

Basic Requirements

The main aim of the programme is to draw the potential investors who are capable of creating new opportunities and boost the country’s economic growth. To be eligible, the applicants must:

  1. Fulfill the language requirements either in English or French at least CLB in all the abilities,
  2. Have not less than one year of post-secondary qualification.
  3. Have enough capital to settle in the country.
  4. Aim to permanently settle in any province other than Quebec.
  5. Meet the country’s security and medical conditions.
  6. Prove that their venture is supported/funded by the designated organization.
  7. Be able to prove that the business successfully meets all the ownership requirements.

Investment Requirements

The IRCC has encouraged numerous business incubator organizations, venture capital funds and angel investors groups to associate themselves with the Start Up Visa Programme.

Eligible applicants must be able to secure minimum capital for their Start Up venture. If it is coming from the country’s venture capital fund, then the investment must not be less than 200,000 Canadian Dollars, and if it is coming from an angel investor group, then the minimum investment must be 75,000 Canadian Dollars. From a business incubator no investment is required. However, the applicant must be accepted under the business incubator programme.

Note: It is not mandatory for the applicants to invest their own money. If their Start Up venture in the country fails to make the profit, then the aspirants who are granted a PR Visa, will continue to retain their status.

Immigration to Canada with Investor Visa is possible through many other ways as well. For details on other categories up-for-grabs, consult a Canada immigration consultant or simply visit the official website of the IRCC.


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