Why Immigration To Canada Is Incredibly Popular?

It’s an open secret that the Maple Leaf Country is a top notch immigration destination, and every year 100s of 1000s immigrants wish to be a part of the country. The hands of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are full round the year as they receive large number of visa applications from the prospective immigrants. These days, immigration to Canada has become easy and popular even as the number of people, who wish to immigrate to the country, is amazing.Canada Immigration Consultants

Among immigrants, the country is better known for providing excellent job opportunities, and if you are working in the country for sure you will bring your career to new heights. Internationally, the package is lucrative and hard to resist.

The freedom to live in a peaceful country, with low crime rate makes Canada all the more popular, and if you are a nature lover and love to involve yourself in adventure activities and quite walk, then it will be difficult for you to stay away from Canada.

According to the survey conducted by the US News and World Report, global brand consultants BAV Consulting and University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of business, the ‘land of opportunities’ is the second best country in the world to live and work.

Why Canada Is A Top Notch Immigration Destination?

Immigrants in the country enjoy numerous benefits and as their status improves the benefits increase even more. Below are some of the benefits enjoyed by immigrants:

Social Benefits: The Maple Leaf Country is the most advanced nation in the world and proffers numerous social benefits to migrants such as free/subsidized education, healthcare facilities, accommodation, and unemployment benefits.

Culture and Society: Due to mix population, the country has diversified culture, and its society is most liberal and welcoming that treats migrants of every religion, caste, color nationality and race equally.

Citizenship: As compared to other countries, it’s relatively easy to become the Canadian citizen. An aspirant may apply for citizenship once he has lived and worked there in for three years.

Democratic Government: Canada is democratic country that offers equal place to its immigrants and protection under the law.

Immigration to Canada is a legal process through which foreign nationals migrate from their native nations to Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. The IRCC scrutinizes each visa application except the applications submitted through Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

For those who wish to embrace a new life in the overseas hotspot, there are many options available and some of them are Skilled Worker Immigration, Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), investor immigration, Canadian Experience Class, Trade worker immigration, family sponsorship and Investor immigration.

Though the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ is a popular destination, it’s not that easy to successfully move to it. To make yourself a strong contender, you must not leave a stone unturned and must take help of a professional Canada Immigration Consultant.

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