Immigration Discouraging Overseas Students, Alleges British Universities Chief

In a scathing criticism made against the reported chain of antagonistic speeches & policy schemes delivered from the British administration on UK immigration, the head of the umbrella group of the UK universities has reportedly claimed that these are keeping global students away from the country. She added that several students from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, etc., are consequently opting to pursue studies in other nations, like Canada, Australia & the US.

She issued a warning, saying that it may have not-too-positive results on both the domain of export education and the country. Significantly, the concerned British organization has made an educated guess that the national export education market is worth close to £15 billion per annum to the British economy.

The UK universities umbrella group leader further said that the language and the environment being created do not do much justice to the image of the nation before the global student community, adding whatever could be the objects of the politicians, every time such kinds of comments–made by the British Home Secretary and/or others–create a highly negative impact worldwide.

She continued that many ministers from the British Home Office have specifically delivered a chain of speeches which have left a harmful effect on the figures of the global students filing petitions to British universities. She informed the media that many national universities as a result are reporting major drops, chiefly from certain nations like Pakistan, India, China, etc.

She added that these countries send across a significant volume of students even as these also happen to be vital nations–in terms of worldwide engagement & industry engagement. Hence, it is crucial that London boosts and cultivates relations with them, instead of forming hurdles for the students arriving from such countries.

She also urged London to get rid of students from the immigration numbers to enable the administration to reach its goal, minus destroying the UK universities. She observed the need of the hour is to push the

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politicians & policy-makers to depict Britain as being encouraging & welcoming to global students even as the same may be suitably done, without compromising with the national immigration regulations.

Since it stormed to power, the British Coalition administration has aggressively pursued policies tailored to allegedly decrease the overall levels of immigration made into Britain to fewer than 100,000 per annum, from the 2010 level of nearly 260,000 per annum. During January 2010, the incumbent UK Premier David Cameron informed the media that–if he came to power–he would ensure that the net immigration is brought down to 10s of 1000s every year by 2015.

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