Immigration US Fighting Backlogs, US L-1 & H-1B Visa Extensions Delayed

According to a report, the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) centers are finding it fairly difficult to process the L-1 and the H-1B Visa extension petitions, in the process, leading to relentless delays.

Against this backdrop, aspirants would allegedly do well to shell-out the extra Government cost of 1225 dollars even as they utilize premium processing facility. While a devastating buildup is claimed to be the main factor, the USCIS has not openly revealed why delays have taken place, and have not still offered any justification for the buildup.

It is rather unspoken that the condition is generating great difficulties for several recruiters/firms with the service centers facing the biggest delays with the processing of the H-1B Visa application extensions. At present, the Vermont & California facilities are taking a maximum of 7 months to duly finish the processing of the visa extensions.

Apart from this, the H-1B Visa, and to a less important extent, the L-1 Visa extension petitions at the Vermont Service Center are facing extended delays. In this backdrop, it will allegedly be not a bad idea if the H-1B and L-1 Visa extensions are filed six months before the visa loses its validity.

As long as the visa extension is duly applied for, prior to the visa loses its validity, work approval is given for a maximum of 240 days, post the visa date’s expiry date. But, thanks to drawn out delays in H-1B Visa and L-1 Visa processing it may not be sufficiently long.

As a result, hapless visa holders are suffering in quite a few manners:

  1. Driving: The different American states have pretty tough rules involving the renewal of the driving licences, with several needing a visa extension to be accepted. As a result, visa holders in more than a few states will make great efforts to get their drivers’ licences renewed. In some specific cases, the departments of motor vehicles could need monthly renewals, while an extension is awaiting and until a visa extension is given.
  2. Journey: In-country visa extension sanction requires the recipient to live in the nation while awaiting a petition. Hence, the delayed processing by the USCIS could see individuals being powerless to do work-associated travel duties or make a trip to family members.
  3. Work Approval for partners/spouses: Visa holders with dependant partners/spouses–with work approvals subject to the sanction of a visa extension—may experience gaps in work sanction while an extension is in the pipeline.

Top Processing

With a view to keep away from extensive delays of a visa extension, the affected recruiters/firms and workers must use the premium processing facility for faster sanction of a visa extension. Such a processing guarantees a response to a petition or request for proof inside just 15 calendar days of the original filing date.US L1 Visa

The US administration charges an extra cost–on top of the standard fees–of $1,225 for the facility. The service is accessible for the most of the non-immigrant visa processing, excluding the E-3s visas. Premium process payments may be duly made by a recruiter/firm or visa holder.

In the same way, in case premium processing is regarded to be very costly and beyond one’s reach, recruiters/firms and workers can try and certify that visas are filed as soon as they are allowed. It should keep away from the risk that the work authorization time will come to an end (240 days post the date of expiry) prior to the visa is accordingly processed.

Cases should be fittingly prepared several months before to make certain that they are completely ready to be filed as soon the panes of the window open.

Consulate Renewal

For some specific visa classes–and this comprise E-1, E-2, L-1A, L-1B, and TNs–consulate renewal is allowed. It is a much faster option when obtainable. For anybody taking a trip out-of-the-country, getting a petition duly processed at the consulate is a suitable and faster manner to receive a renewal.


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