Immigration for Construction Project Managers to Australia

Development is an outcome to a developing economy. Australia is one among the favorite destinations where development has led to a widespread employment generation. The construction activities are on the rise and this has given way to a large number or public and private projects on the urban sphere. Immigration for Construction Project Managers to Australia is therefore getting easy. A lot of opportunities or jobs are currently in demand for these professionals. ASRI ‘Australia Skills Recognition Information’ has mentioned a lot of such occupations on the CSOL, Consolidated Skilled Occupation List.

What makes the scene on immigration encouraging for such professionals is the flexibility on skills. Unlike most other jobs, a Construction Project Manager needs to have any one of the two-

A Bachelor’s Degree or an experience of at least 5 years

Clearly, ASRI has kept it simple and yet flexible. Application can be made even if an individual doesn’t have the formal degree. It is however worth mentioning that an Advanced Diploma or an AQF can also get you more points.

The intending immigrants need to also focus on employ ability of skills. Skills assessment is done as soon as the application is placed on Skill select. Here the skills are evaluated for their relevance to the occupation. A Master’s degree or a Ph.D. gets you an addition of 25 points, A Bachelor’s degree gets you 20 and so it tapers down. Similarly, the points are achieved on work experience, age, language skills, financial sufficiency and adaptability (prior stay in Australia). You get to see the work visa only if you score at least 60 points on Skill select. Post assessment, Skill select will send an invitation to only those who have achieved the highest points.

One needs to also pay a good attention on the visa program. DIBP speaks of 4 such programs that can be selected for a Construction Manager’s position.

Regional Nomination / Sponsorship scheme

Employer Nomination

Short Term Business Sponsorship

Skilled Independent visa

You can place you application under Regional Nomination but this would require you to take occupation only at the designated area and for a period of 2 years. Employer Nomination comes next where the ‘offer on employment’ can be used for nomination. The short term Business Sponsorship is for those individuals who get sponsored by a business in Australia to work for the designated occupation for a certain period of time.

In all these programs, the score on Skill select has to be at least 60.

Taking the Skilled Independent visa is bit tough as invitation is sent to only those immigrants who get the highest score on the points test. It is therefore very important that you select the visa program based on your ability to score on Skill select.

Last but not the least; Documentation is also an important criterion on immigration. Immigration for Construction Project Managers to Australia would be possible only when you submit all the papers on education, work experience, skills, language, age, travel and nationality.


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