Immigration for Industrial Sales Representatives to Australia

You can now live and work in Australia if you are a ‘sales professional’ and have at least 5 years of experience in selling industrial products.

Yes this is as easier. ASRI has recently declared the new CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List) and the job of an ‘Industrial Sales Representative’ finds a mention here. The occupation is relevant more because it gets you to the most lucrative of the sectors in the economy at Australia. The recession has just passed and the government has reinvented its focus on the industrial sector at different provinces in the country. The association with the services sector has diluted somewhat and policies are being made to encourage manufacturing, mining, extraction and production, for a sustainable development.

It was therefore imperative that ‘occupations’ in this category will also surface. Immigration for Industrial Sales Representatives to Australia has been listed under the code number- 225411. The professionals are supposed to sell a range of industrial products such as machines, equipments and chemicals that come under industrial supply. This also includes the promotional campaigns, buyer-seller meets and setting up the distribution mechanism. Institutional supply is a big component on industrial selling. Negotiation is thus an important aspect of this occupation.

But you get to show the skills only when you have the work visa. Immigration for Industrial Sales Representatives to Australia is dependent on 3S- Skills, Skillselect and SOL

Skills –

The occupation has been classified under ANZSCO classification as Skill type-1. ASRI would allow the work visa to applicants who have a Bachelor’s degree or 5 years of work experience on industrial selling. These are the most primary requisites on work. However, individuals would be preferred who already have an Advanced Diploma or an AQF for necessary skills. On the job training comes as very handy for the purpose. Apart from all the educational and professional skills, it is also important that you are very proficient with the English Language. An effective communication is expected of you at the work place. A good score on IELTS – International English Language Test Score should do this for you.

Skillselect –

Skillselect is the ‘Gateway’ to Australia. Every application / immigrant has to take this route for skills evaluation, employability and eligibility on work visa. A points test is what waits for you as soon as the EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ is placed on Skillselect. Points are given to professional work experience, academic credentials, age and language skills. It is mandatory that you score at least 60 points to become eligible under skilled migration.

SOL – ‘consolidated Skilled Occupation List’

It is very important that you have skills that commensurate with the nominated occupation.  A mismatch on skills and education would only lead to rejection or disapproval. One must be very sure of whether or not the skills match up to the occupational criteria. Getting a prior assessment done by VETASSESS should be very helpful. Vocational Education and Training Assessment is one competent body in Australia that undertakes this type or work.

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