Immigration Reform in 2010: Expectations from Obama!

Health and Immigration reforms are two major criteria that are faced by Obama at present! The year 2010 demands Obama to focus on the Immigration reform along with other issues which were highlighted by him at the start of his tenure.

Speculations in the air are pointing out towards the direction that the president needs to take care of Health care and Immigration reform in a brilliant way (as demanded by the majority) otherwise things are likely to go against him, during his ongoing tenure.

Strategists feel that Obama needs to come out with a more targeted agenda as soon as possible. According to Wade Henderson, president of LCCR, Immigration Reform is a critical preeminent civil and human rights issue of our time. He further added that the Immigration system of the country is broken, with billions of undocumented immigrants residing in the US.

Also, Congress failed to pass Immigration Reform under the reign of President George W. Bush, which serves as a major cause of worry for the current government too! But director of the US Immigration Policy Program at MPI, Doris Meissner, feels that this is the perfect time to fix all the issues.

Obama cleared that he could not attend on the issue until 2010, due to delays in Health Care Reform. Now the focus is entirely on Obama, as every one is watching him closely and waiting for him to make final decision on the Health and Immigration reform.

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  • Dear sir/ Mam
    I m 36 years male from Nepal. I have double masters degree , one in Public health and another in health education. I have more than 7 years experience of working in government level as a community health worker and I have experience of 5 years working as lecturer in medical science college .Similarly i have few years of working experience as social worker in rural community of Nepal. My wife has 15 years of education with completing bachelor degree.I want to apply as skilled worker for Canada. I want to proceed my self. How can i proceed ? What documents should i manage ? I want to complete solution from you. Can i send the documents via email ? If not what is the believable and trusted media?

  • Best contact the local CIC office from where you took the entry permit. Inform them of your find and seek their advise on what you should do

  • Amandeep

    Hi I lost my pr card 1 month ago than i got temporary permit from embassy to reenter in canada. lukily i found my or card after one month. is it still valid to reenter or i need to apply for new one.


  • This looks like an excellent case for filing an application under federal skilled worker program to Canada. But provide is with your latest and updated resume for free of charge assessment

  • sara

    I am a citizen of India, my name is Vellaichamy Saravanan, I would like to apply for immigration in Canada. I have completed Three Years Science Degree of With ASNT(American society fo non Destructive testing-RT,UT,PT,MT,ET and RI Level ii).I having five years Experience in Oil and Gas Plant.

  • mostrofah

    I am a citizen of Bangladesh, my name is Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman, I would like to apply for immigration in Denmark. I have completed Four Years Integrated Degree of B.Com. With Honors in Marketing as well as Masters of Business Studies ( M.B.S) (Marketing) and I have been working as a “Marketing Executive” in a esteemed company for three years. I have obtained 4.5 Band Score of IELTS.
    But my question is shall I be able to apply for Immigration in Denmark?

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