Immigration, your ticket to success and riches!

Want to be a billionaire? Don’t worry! You are not the only one who wants to be in the same category. History is decked with strong evidences that people who are rich now, were not born that way! It is their destiny, luck and sheer hard-work that brought them to the place where they are. Immigration allows a perfect opportunity for all those people to fulfill their needs with utter glare.

Let’s face it. Unlike rich and developed countries like the USA, Canada, the UK etc., a person might not get powerful opportunities in his home country, the same way he may get in other countries. He might take ages to reach at an authoritative or an honored position, which he might reach within years of his immigration to successful countries. The difference lies in the opportunities offered to these applicants!

Let’s take an instance: The London-based, Rajasthan born aristocrat is currently the Chairman and CEO of Mittal Steel Company. Above all, he is the world’s 3rd richest man and the wealthiest person in Britain. But was he really born with the same? No! It was his sheer hard-work and brilliant opportunities provided to him that allowed him to be a renowned steel baron in the world. Of course, India also provided him with his share of prosperity but it was Britain that maximized his chances of getting rich, powerful and honored, with sheer glitter!

Take one more instance: Arnold Schwarzenegger is an immigrant from Austria. Right now, he is the thirty-eighth governor of California. He made his own empire. Of course, there were opportunities too!

The crux of the matter is that opportunities come to everyone. But the way they come from developed and rich countries, is a different story! One can become a millionaire in the same time he would have become an accountant or a clerk in his home country. Opportunities are like plants. You have to nourish them with your hard work and perfect timings.  Everything depends on how you grab those opportunities and work on them. And immigration is just one of the mediums to take you an inch closer to your dreams.


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