Important Documents for the Canadian Student Visa

Canada is a great destination for higher education for the developing minds from the developing countries. Students from developing nations such as India come from places where it is difficult to even acquire the basic necessities of life. Hence, higher education in a developed nation such as that of Canada provides a wide range of opportunities for such students both for individual development as well as in raising their career graph. Every year, there are more than 130,000 international students coming to study in Canada.

In order to live and study in Canada, a prospective student must apply for student visa months prior to his arrival in the country. A study permit or a temporary resident visa has to be applied for. This could only be done when you have been

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selected by an institution or a school as a student.

Certain documents are mandatory to be submitted while applying for a student visa. These include the following:

  • A valid passport for the duration of study in Canada. Without a valid passport, the visa application would be rejected by the Canadian High Commission.
  • A processing fee must also be paid along with the application form which should be duly filled. Along with this, two recent passport size photographs of the applicant must be submitted. Mention your name and date of birth at the back of the photograph.
  • A letter of acceptance from the university or the institution where you intend to study.
  • You have to show yourself to be financially empowered to fund yourself and your education in Canada. This would include the following:
    • Document showing a bank account in Canada under your name, incase the money has been transferred to Canada.
    • The bank statements of the last 4 months.
    • Fee payment and accommodation receipts.
    • A receipt showing payment, incase you are on a scholarship or in a Canadian – funded educational programme.
    • A convertible currency bank draft.
    • Letter from the concerned authorities or the person or the university funding you with money.
  • Documents showing the allowance of fund exports for your expenses.
  • Incase, your programme does not require a study permit but if you wish to shift to another programme that requires you to have a study permit, then you would need a letter of explanation defining the reasons for the application of a study permit.

These are the main documents that are a must for any student intending to study in Canada. However, the rules and regulations vary to a large extent for the province of Quebec.

Thus, it is advised to check the region and the state along with the programme and the eligibility criteria before applying for the visa. This is due to the fact a wrong visa application would simply lead to a rejected application form.

The applicant may hire services of an experienced visa advisor will ensure that the visa application is filed with right and required documents, along with an appropriate cover letter outlining the applicant’s background and statement of intent.


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