Indian Visa Applicants Remained Unstirred Despite Recent Australian Issues

Despite the agitations on the incident of recent racist attacks on the Indian students, there has been no drop in the application for the Australian Student Visa.

Here comes the news – The Student Visa applications by the Indian students for the month of June has rather increased by a fair margin of 8 percent as compared to May, confirmed Chris Evans, Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

According to “The Hindu,” which is one of the leading dailies, the Australian government is troubled by the damage that has been done to the overall reputation of the country. Knowing the fact that India is one of the leading source providers for the migration of skilled labor, their concerns are extremely valid.

The reporting in India has been very damaging to Australia.” Mr. Evans further said that the attacks were not at all racists, rather a common demonstration (he used the word manifestation) of various social issues that these students face in their day-to-day lives. For instance, there are certain aspects related with housing, transport, and loans etc. because of which the students are not able to concentrate on their educational aspect.

He further said that there are certain shortcomings in the Australian Immigration System. This void allows the agents to market courses like cooking and hair-dressing as a short-cut to Permanent Residency. Contrary to their short durations, these courses have very high points. This results in students opting for short-term courses (like the ones mentioned above) in order to get the PR Status quickly!

Mr. Evans further elaborated that the government would introduce a job readiness test from the next year. This would be done to mend the loopholes in the Immigration Policy and verify the skills of the applicants at the same time.



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