Information About Temporary Visa For Alberta

It has been observed that many people from developing countries are migrating to developed countries. Thus many people from different parts of the world have migrated to Canada. It is one such country which has most number of migrations. The country has total 34 ethnic groups which itself shows the diversity of people in Canada because of its broad immigration policy.

People who move to Canada have several destinations to choose from, few opt for Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and others. If someone is especially thinking to move in to Alberta then one must know about the various immigration policies for Alberta. One can look for the Canada Alberta immigration on the internet or can also visit an immigration consultant.

If someone wants to migrate to Alberta temporarily then one can either study or work in the country on temporary basis. To work in Alberta one needs to have a good skill and that skill or profession should be in demand in the country. One can opt for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program under Canada Alberta immigration to work in the country.

For the temporary working visa one might also require work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Another way to move temporarily to Alberta and work in the country is through exchange programs. If a person is between the ages of 18 years to 35 years then he or she is eligible for the exchange program.

This exchange program is called as the International Youth Exchange Program. The exchange program is opted to know about the country in a better manner and the person can decided whether he or she can migrate to the country or not. But if someone is thinking to opt for this program then they must first check the list of participating countries that has an agreement with Canada.

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If one gets the visa then they can also qualify for working on-campus and off-campus. Many students are looking for an opportunity to work in the country while studying and this is an option which one can opt for.

Also after graduating from a Canadian institution, one can also apply for the post graduation work permit in the country. If one gets a permit for that, then he or she is also eligible for a permanent resident

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through AINP International Graduate category approved by the Alberta government.

These are just categories of temporary visas to move to Alberta. One can also opt for the permanent residence in the country but it advised that person must move in with the temporary visa under the Canada Alberta immigration program and then opt for the permanent visa if he or she likes the country.

If a person is still in dilemma about the visa options than one can also visit an immigration office and have a chat with immigration consultant.

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