Inspired With Denmark Immigration? Know about Points Calculator System!

Denmark has one of the most flexible immigration policies in the world and migrants are invited through the nation’s work permit and PR visa routes. The Nordic Country has opened many immigration schemes to attract aspirants from across the globe with Denmark Immigration Points Calculator system being one such plan.

The many options available to the candidates give him the liberty of choosing the most suitable option and grab the Danish Green Card and enjoy the freedom of living and working in one of the most migrant-friendly countries of the world. To obtain Danish Green Card, the candidates need to collect a minimum of 100 points on the key parameters of language skill, education, age and adaptability.

The candidate needs to have educational qualifications equivalent to the Danish level to get points. A minimum of Bachelors Degree is mandatory and the points are assigned for the highest level only. Bachelor’s Degree will help the candidate 30 points while Master’s Degree will help him get 60 points. A PhD Degree will help the aspirant get as many as 80 points. Education received from a top university will help the candidate get a maximum of 130 maximum points.

For Demark immigration, the aspirant needs to have language skills in one out of the four languages, namely, English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. The applicant needs to pass the language test two years prior to the submission of his application for immigration to Denmark.

The Northern European Nation has fixed certain levels for analyzing candidate’s skills and points are assigned according to those levels only. In brief the level 1 gives 5 points, the level 2- 10 points, the level 3- 20 points. Points will be assigned for one Scandinavian language and one out of English or German language. The maximum points which can be obtained under the Denmark Immigration Points Calculator system are 40 points.

Adaptability in the nation very much depends on the education and work of the candidate and how well he gets settled in the country. The person, who has studied for one year in any EU/EEA or in Switzerland will get 5 points whereas his three year education programme will help him obtain 10 points. A maximum 15 points can be attained under this heading.  The aspirant in the age group 35-40 years will get 10 points whereas the younger people who are below 34 years will gain 15 points.

Apart from obtaining points under the above mentioned parameters, the aspirants have to obtain health insurance. After the assessment of the points, candidates can get Danish Green Card which will give him the liberty to enjoy freedom of work and life in ‘the least corrupt country’.


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