Interested In Australia Permanent Resident Visa for Civil Engineer Profession?

Australia PR Visa for Civil Engineer Profession

Great news folks! Presently, there is a high demand for the skilled professionals in Australia! Professionals from some specific professions, such as the Civil Engineer Profession, can look forward to getting the prized Australia Permanent Resident Visa for the Civil Engineer Profession with ease.  Free Assessment form

The Kangaroo Land is a paradise for many engineering professionals, and high demand for the skilled profession has motivated many Civil Engineers to move under the ANZSCO 233211. Recently, there is huge demand for the skilled occupation in Australia, and the professions, like Telecommunications Network Planner, Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist, Automotive Electrician, Motor Mechanic, structural engineer, architect and Civil Engineers fall into this category.

Australia PR Visa for Civil Engineer Profession

Australia PR Visa for Civil Engineer Professionals

So, if you are a qualified Civil Engineer and dream of migrating to Australia, then this is the high time for immigration. With good qualification and experience you can very well earn up to 12800 Australian Dollars per annum. Some experts claim that opportunity for this line-of-work will keep increasing in the upcoming years with relatively good package. The potential fields where you can find several opportunities are Building, Transportation, Environment, water and marine.

You can kick start your career in the Kangaroo Land with good package. Here you can find some guidelines that can make your immigration process easier!Check Your Eligibility

Job Roles

Job Roles that are available in Australia for Civil Engineers are:

  • Building services engineer
  • Engineering geologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Patent attorney
  • Quantity surveyor

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and construction of the country’s important structures, like dams, roadways, expansion bridges, sewage and water systems and airports.
  • Plan the construction methods, design the blue prints of the structures, monitor the construction progress, track the resource and analyze the quality of the materials.
  • Evaluate the structures for both the static and dynamic loads.
  • Plan and manage the labor activities and track materials and equipments for construction.
  • Diligently assess the site drawings to appraise the entire cost of the project and prepare reports for the construction plans.
  • Involve in designing phase of the physical transportation system, like railways, highways, air transportation, supply system and terminals.
  • Generate reports based on the assessment of engineering drawings, to weigh and compare the actual cost plans.
  • Assess and prepare estimation for the engineering tools, to support the project budget.
  • Collect samples of rocks and soils from different sites and tests these samples to analyze the different aspects, like strength, nature, characteristics of the samples.

Who can easily acquire Permanent Residency for Australia?

  • International graduates,
  • People who work in a skilled occupation,
  • People related to any of the family member who resides in Australia.
  • Those who have two years of work experience after their graduation, graduates who have completed their doctorate from any of an Australian institution.
  • The designated authority for engineering recognizes three occupations, like Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, and Engineering Associate for PR within the engineering practice in Down Under. Along with that, Engineering Manager is additionally recognized for immigration.Check Your Eligibility

Summing-up, the Australia Permanent Resident Visa up-for-grabs for the skilled Civil Engineer Profession can be easily obtained by these professionals as the present time is perfect for this.



  • Elizabeth Nel

    My husband is a civil engineer and we are planning to immigrate to australia.I am a dressmaker and business owner.where can we apply for jobs? We are located in South Africa.

    • Immigration Experts

      Hi Elizabeth Nel,

      Thanks for your comment. Can you please send me his updated resume at [email protected] for evaluation and assessment process, post that my immigration lawyer will get in touch with you for further guidance.

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