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Canada Immigration – Canada Express Entry

Do you know that the Canada Express Entry Programme is recognized to be a new visa system run by the nation, for the management of immigration applications submitted for the different economic immigrant programmes, namely, the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, and the Federal Skilled Trades Programme? Do you know that one needs to get high points to make the cut? If you are not aware, check this article!

Canada Express Entry points

Canada Express Entry points

People, who are willing to immigrate to the country for a living and working on a full-time basis, should be capable of meeting the eligibility criteria for one of the immigration schemes, can express their interest formally in order to become a permanent resident of the country, by the creation of their Express Entry Profile.

After becoming a part of the Express Entry Pool, candidates will obtain a score on the basis of the CRS or the point-based Comprehensive Ranking System of the programme. The score will be used for the determination of the rank of the candidate within the pool. People having the highest scores will be invited for applying for immigration to the country as permanent residents.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will offer invitation to the candidates having highest ranking from the Express Entry Pool for applying for expedited immigration through a round of invitations. For getting selected in one of the draws and receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA), the applicant should be ranked near the top of the pool of the applicants having high potential, in accordance with the Express Entry Ranking System.

The CRS of the programme will assess the details of the Express Entry Profile of the candidates and rank them in accordance with some of the top predictors of the success of the economy. The primary factors are inclusive of work experience, skills, language proficiency, education and different kind of elements which are well renowned for helping the migrants to flourish in the country.

Territories, provinces and eligible employers in the country can go for recruiting the potential immigrants directly from the Express Entry Pool. Candidates, who receive a provincial nomination or job offer, will be awarded a significant number of Canada Express Entry points conferring a major boost to their score.

For making sure that you have the best chance of getting selected for immigrating to the destination, you should get the services of an immigration lawyer who will assist you in taking the required steps during and before the presentation of your application.

Express Entry System is considered to be the fastest option for moving to the country as a permanent resident. The immigration programme can be used online entirely and this makes the immigration process very effective for the qualified candidates from across the globe. Most of the PR applications submitted under Express Entry will be processed within a time period of six months.

For assessing the eligibility criteria of the applicants for the process of Express Entry, it is required that the candidates create an online profile comprising of different credentials. After the creation of the profile and its acceptance in the programme, the profile of potential immigrants will be put in a pool with different other candidates after which the potential employers, as well as provincial nominal programmes, will compare the applications.

If a candidate is selected from the Express Entry Pool, she or he will procure 600 CRS points for the provincial nomination. These are the official Express Entry draws where top candidates are offered ITAs for the presentation of their petitions.

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