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A member of the European Union (EU), and ranked among top countries with the highest per capita income, the Kingdom of Denmark is a sovereign state situated in the Northern Europe. Not just in industrial development but Denmark has been ahead in environmental protection as well as it is the first ever country to have implemented an Environment Law. Significantly, several international studies have remarked Danish people as the happiest.

Why go to Denmark?

Abundant with several progressive opportunities for ambitious professionals seeking employment, Denmark offers plethora of prospects. With the new Denmark Green Card Scheme, now immigrants have better chances of finding well-paying employment opportunities.

What’s the Green Card Scheme all about?

Incepted in 2007, the Green Card scheme was introduced with the intention to attract a healthy influx of highly qualified and skilled professionals for Danish industry. This scheme involves a work permit as well as a residence permit for the applicants. Wife/cohabiting partner along with the child/children of the candidate are also made eligible by the scheme for residence permit. In fact, the cohabiting partner/wife/registered partner can support himself by working in Denmark with the residence permit.

Duration of the Permit

The scheme grants one the permit of living and working in the country legally for 3 years and extension period is 4 years.

Application, processing and other requirement for the Green card scheme

Processing duration of the permit from filling and submitting of the application is 30-60 days. Applications are accepted on a point based evaluation method in which these factors are checked (points awarding):

1. Education of the Candidate  (points are divided according to the different degrees, like for a master’s degree, one gets 60 points, for a PhD, one’s awarded 80 points, etc).

2. Language skills (Level based language tests are conducted on basis of which points are given)

3. Previous Employment/Work Experience (Points divided according to the number of years in previous professional experience)

4. Adaptability (previous living/working/studying experience in the EU/EEA nation or Switzerland gets better points)

5. Age (10 points for between 35-40 years, 15 points for 34 years or younger)

It is required of the applicant to have a full fledged medical insurance covering him along with those accompanying the candidate unless Danish national health insurance is provided to him. Finance is another game changer in the processing of Denmark Green Card Scheme. Candidates are also required to maintain appropriate amount of funds in their bank for the initial first year (of the scheme) fiscal requirements.

Help for Danish Green Card Permit

Immigration consultants, who have experience and expertise in the area of Danish Immigration law, can help you better with your application. This scheme has been inspiring immense number of Indians to move to the country for better prospects. With the ability and help of specialized Consultants and agents, it has been made possible as many find the whole application process a bit tedious. So, seek expert assistance even while you improve your chance of getting your application accepted for the Green Card.



  • Giridhar Reddy

    Hi, I am 41 years old and M.Com (PG in Commerce) with 15 + years of experience in Finance & Accounting in India working for major Clients like GE, GSK, UBS.
    I am planning to apply for Work permit or Green Card in Denmark. Will my profile suit the requirement. If so can you suggest the next steps

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Giridhar,Thanks for your comment.I would like to make it clear that we don’t provide work permit and yes for PR and green card we can help you out..Kindly send us detailed resume of self and spouse at [email protected] for further guidance.

  • jasmeet wife had Bsc Nursing degree from India. She also completed her one year PGDBM diploma from New Zealand and on job search visa in Auckland. She is 35 years of age. .what are the possible chances for Danish green card or Germany job search?

  • ojo olufunminiyi

    Am interested in the denmark green from nigeria and am through with a bsc in pure and applied physics in one of a reputable university in nigeria.I have experience in teaching physics at secondary school level of two and half experience. I will be glad receiving your reply.

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