Interested in Exploiting Express Entry Canada Opportunities?

The Maple Leaf Country is all set to achieve yet another milestone. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)—the concerned visa and immigration agency of the nation–aims to attract as many as 285,000 new skilled immigrates. And, the credit for the same goes to Express Entry through which Canada intends to open its doors of opportunities for new skilled immigrants.

As it is too well known by now, the latest program has already become effective from the first week of January, 2015, and due to its various features, it has gained popularity worldwide, and invited a great deal of response from the many Canada immigration motivated aspirants.

A way before the program was launched, Chris Alexander, the current CIC Minister, was reportedly expecting a huge response from the potential immigrants as the program become effective. The expectations were duly matched as the Express Entry does not only provide an easy entry in Canada, but it also provides endless employment opportunities to the deserving candidates. As per some available reports, Alexander has lately stated that it has been just few days the program has started accepting application, and the response from the forthcoming immigrants has been overwhelming.

Significantly, in 2014, India was a top country, in terms of people from this part of the world immigrating to Canada, and it is expected that this year, in 2015, the Maple Leaf Country’s specific labor market needs will be greatly benefited by the Indian skilled professionals.

What’s Express Entry?

It is basically a path-breaking electronic program and highly beneficial for both the employers and the employees. Under the newly introduced system–for the candidates with the right education, experience, and language experience and skills—the waiting time-period is not more than six months before they actually relocate to their dream destination.

As the applications under the Express Entry have begun to be accepted, it has become an easy gateway for entering the well-known and widely visited immigration hotspot. Express Entry Pool will entertain eligible applicants under one of the following programs, i.e., Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Express Entry–Some Quick Facts at a Glance

I. The program is quite quick and the maximum processing time is just six months. Yes, just six months!

II. As the complete program is online, it drastically cuts down your paperwork.

III. Unemployed applicants are directly linked with employers/job-providers. What a BIG relief!

IV. Unlike the FSWP, the system does not follow any set list of occupations.

How the system works?

Applicants eligible for one of the economic programs submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), by creating an online profile, on the basis of their skills, experience, education, language proficiency, and some other relevant personal information.

Applicants, who meet the criteria of one of the economic programs, enter the Express Entry Pool later. On the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) they are ranked against each other. Each applicant may score up to 12,000 points. The candidates–without a job offer and a provincial nomination–may register themselves with the Canada Job bank. Only eligible applicants well receive an Invitation to Apply and will have 60 days to claim permanent residence.

In case of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), as the Express Entry candidate is identified, they may be nominated by a province and invited to apply for Permanent Residence (PR). In the case of the PNP, when an Express Entry candidate is identified, they can be nominated by a province and quickly invited to apply for the PR.

In order to improve your chances for an invitation to apply, the applicants in the Express Entry pool are encouraged to promote themselves, using the Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDCs) Job Bank. They may also promote themselves through various private sector job boards.


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