Interested in Permit for Hong Kong Immigration? What You Need to Know!

In an effort to pull migrants, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) updated its immigration policy in the month of February, this year. According to latest updates, the permit for Hong Kong immigration is classified into three categories, namely, general, part 1 and part 2.

General–The general category of immigration usually deals with the people of the People‚Äôs Republic of China, though the requirements as laid down in this section does not provide surety to the aspirant of his successful immigration. The HKSAR holds every right to refuse the applicant’s application until and unless if it is included in the Part 1.

If the candidate is closely related to the concerned authority, by birth or long term residency, then he does need a Permit for Hong Kong immigration. In case the would-be migrant doesn’t fall under the category of the Part 1, then it’s mandatory to get permit for Hong Kong immigration for working and living there. In some special cases, travel document or nominated nationality allows the aspirant a lawful entry, without obtaining an entry permit.

The candidate–who fulfills any of these requirements–do not need any visa permit for entry to Hong Kong, in case he has a special administrative passport, British passport. The candidate, who has Hong Kong seaman’s identity book or permanent identity card, also does not need any visa permit for entry into the nation.

If the applicant does not fall under the category of the Part 1, then he has to get a Permit for Hong Kong immigration. This visa helps him in enjoying the liberty of working and living in the city-state. Any effort made without this would result in refused admission into the country.

The candidate–who wishes to visit as a visitor–should posses enough funds to survive in Hong Kong along. He also needs to possess a valid return ticket. The migrant who crosses the borders with this entry pass is not allowed to work and study, or even start his own business in the nation. In very unusual cases, the migrant is allowed to make changes in his immigration status.

The aspirant has to send original completed application along with the photographs to the HKSAR Department, either by post or by a sponsor (local). A Permit for Hong Kong immigration can be obtained on the basis of original application form which is properly completed whereas a Chinese resident can apply through an authorized airline.

People with diplomatic and official passport may visit the country without an entry permit only for 14 days. The authorized department keeps changing its permit policies from time to time. The candidates, with adequate education and work experience, are more likely to get permit.

The permit visas are more likely to prove beneficial as there is no limit of people migrating to Hong Kong unlike many countries. Any number of skilled migrants can migrate to Hong Kong.


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