Interested in Poland Temporary Residence Card?

Poland is a beautiful country located in Central Europe. It is one of the many European countries which was been badly affected during the World War I and II.

In spite of the mass destruction, the nation has proudly preserved its cultural wealth. Today, it is proud to have the sixth largest developed economy in the European Union (EU) even as it is growing at a consistent rate.

Just a year back, as per the Global Peace Index, the country was been termed as the ‘safest country to live in the world’ and this, without a doubt, is a rather big achievement for a war torn country like Poland.

Now that the country has started leaving great impact globally, a large number of people are heading towards Poland, especially those who wish to call Europe their second home. A considerably large number of people are thinking of acquiring Poland Temporary Residence Card.

Although the country has given relaxation to the citizens of many countries from acquiring any visa, if they wish to travel to the country for up to three months beyond the duration, they are required to follow the formal process.

Following citizens have been given relaxation from acquiring visa:-

  1. Citizens of the EU.
  2. Citizens of Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia are not required to obtain visa.
  3. Citizens of Schengen Countries.

Poland Temporary Residence Card

It is a legal document that lets you live and work in the country during the duration mentioned on your documents. Initially, it is issued for up to three years depending on your reason to stay in the country. You may submit your visa application any time of the year at the nearest Polish consulate in your native country.

Along with your Temporary Residence Permit you will also be granted a Residence Card. It is an official document that confirms your identity while you stay in the country. While your visa is valid, you may travel in and out of the country any number of times.

Thanks to your Residence Card, you are eligible to easily register your residential address. You may also obtain the PESEL number, and through it you may pay your taxes if you are entitled to any.

If you wish to prolong the Temporary Residence Permit, you must submit a fresh petition, or else should leave the country prior to the expiry of your visa.

It’s a myth that it’s pretty easy to acquire Temporary Residence card for Poland. The truth: one must have a purpose of staying in the country with legal documents to support his reason of stay.

Following are some of the factors through which you can acquire Temporary Residence Card:

  • To purse graduation or post graduation degree.
  • To invest in the country.
  • To take up a job with local employer.
  • You are a trained skilled worker in one of the occupation currently in-demand in Poland.
  • To start your own business venture/partner or over take the exiting one.
  • Marry a polish citizen which will ultimately make you eligible for PR.


  • Prabhakaran

    Could you please tell me about this poland temparory visa. I would like to settle in poland. I am a post graduate and 45 yrs of age, with 22 yrs of working experience.

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