Interested In Speedy PR In Canada? Get PNP Visa!

Canada PNP Visa

There is no other country that provides safety and security of living better than Canada. People prefer migrating to the country because of its amazingly high standard of living and promising future.

The Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) is a fast-track to grab the Permanent Residence (PR) of the Maple Leaf Country. The programme allows the different territories and provinces to nominate the interested migrants who are interested in living and working in a particular province.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the nation’s apex immigration body, has set up a few guidelines for selecting the migrants. And, depending on these requirements, the provinces can select the candidates except for Quebec and two other territories. Every PNP is tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of that particular province. It invites those aspiring migrants who will contribute to the economy of the nation and decide to settle in the region.

Canada PNP Visa is classified into two categories. One category is Skilled Worker PNP and the second is the Business Immigration Programme. Under the former, a migrant has to grab a job offer from the local province and his skill must meet the needs of that particular province. The second category of the business immigration programme calls for new business, investment of money in the local business in that particular territory.

The provinces laced with skilled worker PNP are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island (PEI), British Columbia (BC), Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba. The Business Worker PNP covers all these provinces, except Alberta and Yukon.

The pathway of grabbing the PNP Visa starts with the approval of the application by the province.  It takes 2 weeks to 9 months, depending on the province. After obtaining approval from the province, the migrant should get approval of different checks like police, medical and security. Depending on this information, the aspirant can seek a Work Visa. Then a migrant will be nominated and become eligible for a Work Visa. This Work Visa will be issued for 2 years.

In this period, the migrant needs to meet the expectations of the business stated by him. As the Work Visa is issued for a period of two years, don’t forget this visa cannot be renewed.

Different provinces have different visa requirements. Depending on the information, the aspirant needs to apply for a province that suits his requirements and expectations. Read the rules carefully to get maximum advantage from PNP Visa and act accordingly.

Some particular provinces may allow the person to apply for Spousal Work Visa. Apart from this category, some province may ask for critical occupations apart from skilled professional and existing Work Permit. After six months of living, the migrant can apply for PR.

In the province Manitoba, the migrant needs to make an investment of 75000 Dollars. He will be provided with two years of the working time period, and during this time he needs to meet the desired results. In case he fails to achieve it, his money will be forfeited.

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