Investor Programme Good Option For Immigration to Quebec

Quebec immigration is not at all tough if one is determined and they are aware of the right programmes which can help them move. From the last two years, the immigration Department in Canada has been on the mode of revamping, implementing, and amending the immigration programmes.

In the first place, the unprecedented call that they took was to scrap the “First-Come-First-Serve” basis, and this envisaged newer realm for possibilities and developments. The Express Entry programme or also known by its formal name as “Expression of Interest” has helped dramatically to streamline the movement, but the improvisation it has unraveled has also made it tough for semi skilled workers to make it to the nation.

To look for better opportunities, the best skilled workers are considered for the Express Entry, but there are also aspirants who have found out that Express Entry is a tough bargain and they want possibilities in picture and the best could be through the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

It would provide opportunities to skilled and semi-skilled workers to come and work in any of the provinces which are there in the Maple Leaf Country. But in the first place, it is evident to bring into the notice the Quebec lifestyle and then ways of immigration to Quebec would be discussed later on.

Life style of Quebec

The province juxtaposes two lifestyle famous worldwide — American and European cultures, and the place has been a homeland for the largest winter carnival that stretches in the country. There are also other promising entertaining festivals which happen in this place and visitors, and immigrants can also try the dog sledding, sleigh riding and many such specific festivals whenever they are moving to Quebec.

There are also many other foreign sporting holiday packages for the tourists and travelers, but for those immigrants who have long term goals in Quebec, they must know the various options which can help them move to this place, without any hassle.

The PNP is an excellent gateway which can help streamline the movement. The programme ensures that the best immigrants, who can answer to the deficit in the economy, can come and fill up the inefficiencies, and drive the economic bandwagon towards growth and development.

So, if one is wishing for Quebec, there are some of the programs which can be relied upon for the movement.

Quebec Investor Programme

It broadly provides opportunities to thrilled and enthusiastic immigrants to come and invest in the province. The programme allows the immigrant to not just claim the immigration to Quebec but also look forward to the Permanent Residency (PR) at the same time.

When one is looking forward to immigration, then they must know how the investor immigration programme for Quebec works to make the movement happen. The immigrant must have a net worth of C$1.2 million, and they should be ready to invest somewhere around C$8, 00,000 in the government bonds of the nation.

One thing which is noteworthy of investment is that it is zero productive investment. The investor will make the investment in the Canadian economy for the period of five years, and there will be no interest which will accrue to that amount.

Hence, the overall scenario stands that the immigrants will be required to score 49 points and the segregation of the points would be based on the following manner.

Category Points
Education up to 14 points (Cut off 2 pts)
Work Experience up to 8 points
Language Proficiency up to 22 points
Validated Employment offer up to 10 points
Age up to 16 points
Area of training up to 16 points
Stay and family in Quebec up to 8 points
Children up to 8 points
Financial Self – Sufficiency up to 1 point
Spouse / Common – law partner Characteristics up to 17 points


The immigrants can also move under the Skilled Worker Programme and there is also the Provincial Skilled Nomination List which has been planned and implemented to provide better opportunities to immigrants. The best person with the skills and expertise will be given the chance to immigrate even while they can live in the province under the Quebec immigration programme for skilled workers.


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