Kangaroo Land’s Immigration Minister Fails to Bring Back Temporary Protection Permits

In a widely reported vote on the re-launch of the much talked about but controversial Temporary Protection Permits, the incumbent Coalition administration of Australia has been routed in the upper house of the national parliament. The present regime vowed to re-introduce the visas, in case voted to power at the previous polls.

These visas are temporary by nature even as these have a validity of three years. When the Conservative administration was in power, these visas were proffered to refuge applicants. Post 3 years, the situations of the TPV holders were re-examined to find-out if they would still be at risk back home. In case the danger was no more, the permit would

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not be restored.

The Labor administration which stormed to power way back in 2007 closed down the permits. Post the Coalition emerged triumphant in the general elections, the present immigration minister introduced law to bring back the visas soon. Despite the fact that the Coalition gained a strong majority in the House of Representatives, it could not succeed in obtaining a complete majority in the Senate.

Temporary Protection Permits Discipline the Most Defenseless

The same enabled a coalition of Green and Labor senators to overpower the regime. One senator alleged that the permits are brutal and they penalize the most helpless, the most legitimate the most worthy refugees just for having the courage to ask for the safety for their relatives. She stressed that the refugees on the visas over and over again refer to residing in horror of being sent back to home even as an opposition motion to stop the re-launch of the visas was given green signal.

No Need of Temporary Protection Permits

During the discussion, one senator claimed that the permits were no longer required as every expatriate, landing on the Australian soils by water, are presently sent across to either Nauru or Papua New Guinea for processing. The previous Labor government had introduced the said improvement to the legislation during the month of July 2013.

The then premier had declared that arriving in Down Under–via water vessels–will not mean anymore settlement in the country. He claimed that the inspiration for the amendment was to defend the refuge aspirants—many of whom have lost their lives while making efforts to arrive in the nation. He stressed that the nationals have had more than enough of finding persons going down in the waters to the nation’s north. He added that Canberra cannot be just a mute spectator to human traffickers taking advantage of the refuge aspirants.

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