Keen In Canada Immigration? Choose Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme!

Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf Country, has arguably been the most promising landscape that you can look forward to? Now, as a matter of fact, you might raise sub questions challenging the statement said above. Well, if you consider its close proximity with the US and a signatory of Trans Atlantic Agreement, as an investor, you will definitely feel that you are on the right track.

The basic purpose of any economy is to seek investments and Ottawa does the best by launching new programmes and policies that attract the investors. The investors are given the opportunity to move to the nation for an assorted range of purpose.Express Entry system

Some of them end up taking a new enterprise, whereas on the other hand, there are some who end up running an established business. But no matter is the scale or nature of operation; you always witness that business immigration happening thick and fast in this country.

The rapid surge in the immigration has compelled the concerned authorities to keep a close tab in this programme. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–previously known as the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–is also pretty adamant towards checking bogus immigration.

History haunts the perpetrator and the Maple Leaf Country has learnt the lessons that when you get yourself screwed, you cannot come out of the mess unless you take a stand.

So, the IRCC has learned its lesson from the “first-come-first-serve” immigration programme, and they introduced a new immigration programme that has been lauded for its innovation.

The “Express Entry Program” or “Expression of Interest” is a truly vibrant and rational way that the IRCC proposed to check and regulate the immigration. The programme uses skilled category to refine and shortlist the eligible candidates who can enter the immigration pool.

But there is always a negative attached to all the positives and same is the case with the “Express Entry” program. It makes it tougher for the semi-skilled and job seekers to enter the Canadian territory.

Hence, to neutralize the impact of this programme, there is one more scheme that you can look forward to, the Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP).

Provincial Nomination Programme

It is an alternate gateway or a backdoor entry for all those distressed and discouraged folks that have found it tough to get through with the Express Entry programme. With the help of it, they are again witnessing that their dreams of moving to Canada can become real for sure.

The PNP programme follows a different parameter and the immigration is regulated through a different set of rules alien to the “Express Entry”. Hence, even those who have been rejected by the “Express Entry “can move with the PNP programme.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme

The scheme has been segregated into three specialized immigration gateway that you can use for movement—the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme, Quebec Entrepreneur Programme and Skilled Worker Programme.

You can choose according to the need that best fits in your category and avail the movement in real time. But in this piece, you will be able to get a clear insight on the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP).

The immigrant investor program has better resonance and greater acceptance and successful rate of conversion. So, there is a better chance to get converted and enjoy the pleasure of quick movement in succession.

The QIIP is also a better gateway that allows the province to amass wealth and use the wealth for growth and development.

Take a look at what the QIIP demands!

Under it, as an investor you will have to get into a contract with the Quebec authorities and invest a sum of C$8, 00,000 into any undertaking of Quebec. At the same time, you will voluntarily involve yourself to take care of the programme and invest the money to create jobs.

Once the purpose is met, you will be given the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status and you can live as a Canadian citizen in the near future.


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