Know about Canada Express Entry Requirements

As it is too well known by now, Ottawa is all set to help the many Canada immigration-motivated people to explore new realms of opportunities that it has in its kitty by launching its Express Entry program from the calendar year 2015. Under this new scheme, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has unveiled new parameters that will change the requirements of immigration that are needed.

Under the latest plan, it is believed that the immigration will end up being transparent. As immigration has always been a bone of contention for the applicants moving to different countries from their native land, Ottawa has thought for a way out to help those who want to be a part of Canada in the best way.  The requirements under the scheme will witness a favorable upswing–no longer the old way out of welcoming people following first-come-first-serve basis. This old stereotype is all set to get busted with the Express Entry system.

The Canadian authorities have jettisoned the old system, and they would make Express Entry the new platform for workers from across the world, to help get into the country and work for booming the economy, and harnessing the favorable environment for success and prosperity that the nation offers. This system will be an unprecedented revolution in the Federal skilled Workers Program (FSWP). The country will follow the new immigration role like the erstwhile New Zealand and Australian government.

Canada Express Entry Requirements

1. The applicant has to express his interest about why he wants to immigrate to Canada.

2. The qualification will be based on certain requirements.

3. The eligible candidates will enter the long queues that are good to make it to the immigration hotspot.

4. Applicants for immigration will be asked to provide an in-demand experience letter from the concerned organization where they have worked, or a LMO sponsored job offer from any provincial Canadian employer would do.

5. The requirement for application would be CELPIP – general test or International English Language Testing System, or better known by its acronym IELTS. Under the IELTS, the aspirant’s proficiency with respect to listening, writing and understanding English will be tested.

Who can apply?

Unlike the old ways of having specialization in a particular field for getting through the immigration norms, this program will break these barriers, and it will allow people from all walks of life to apply. Under this scheme, they will not have to satisfy the CIC credentials, rather they will be chosen on their competitiveness. They can include any credentials where they are experts rather than what CIC needs.

This will help get the right workforce in the right fields in the country. The old stereotype of first-come-first-serve will no longer be a reality. The new Express Entry program will categorize the immigrants based on their eligibility and qualifications. The process will be transparent and fair for all those who are aspiring to make it to the nation.


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