Know About Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program Application Process

Canadian FSW category is under state of suspension and is going to be opened up for accepting new requests on May 04 2013. Currently, only arranged employment and migration under doctorate scheme is open for access by the trained professionals and workers. The new FSW categories will be implemented from 4th may 2013 onwards and the requests intake will commence. Although, most of old procedures are going to remain as it is, there will some credible and substantial additions to this procedure. Many people are curious to Know about Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program Application Process in its new avatar.

As per the current Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program Application Process a migrant must prepare and file and request with all relevant attachments that substantiate his of her claims of academic achievements and professional employment exposure. In case of arranged employment you must initially get an employment offer from a Canadian employment giving concern to be able to file request.

Under the FSW program, certain preliminary steps that must be essentially accomplished before you actually file your request i.e. its essential for the primary applicant to write an IELTS or other prescribed examination to evidence his or her linguistic skills in the official language of the country. Original copy of TRF sheet of IELTS test must accompany your request.

Linguistic skills substantiation is an essential step as it helps you score a major chunk of marks in the point based profile analysis. After you have obtained the required linguistic skills certification you can go ahead with another step of compiling documents that are crucial for you profile.

Federal Skilled Worker Program Application Process requires you to furnish authenticated copies of your academic and professional employment exposure. You must also attach relevant academic and professional achievements of your spouse incase you are including your spouse in the request for the permanent residential permit via FSWP route.

Academic qualifications and employment exposure are the most crucial attachments of your request as you are allotted marks on basis of the point analysis conducted by the Canadian immigration authorities. Employment exposure record must compulsorily be on the official letterhead of designated document of your employer and must be endorsed by the authority having capacity to endorse such papers.

With these documents another crucial attachments you need to supply along with the request for residential permit under FSW is your financial profile that must indicate the availability of minimum subsistence money with you required to finance your stay in the country in the initial period until you get an employment in entering Canada.

There are several other attachments that need to be furnished along with your request. The request is mailed along with the prescribed fee to the CIO intake located in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Before the suspension of the request intake for FSWP program the tentative processing times varied according to the country and region they were filed from.

This whole procedure is going to go through a major revamp as the government intends to commission a proactive and responsive migration set-up that sensitive to the local labor pool aspirations and trends is able to respond accordingly.

The new Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program Application Process that will come into effect from May 04 2013 is yet to be clarified in clearer terms and procedures, but the prelims to this procedure have already been made public by the authorities. The new system will call for a mandatory academic qualification analysis by designated Canadian evaluation body before you can start preparing your request for permanent residential permission.

Canadian FSWP is currently closed for any new requests

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and is going to recommence on May 04 2013 with a new procedure. Many people are curious Know about Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program Application Process. Current system requires evidencing your linguistic skills before you actually file your request and under the new expected amendment you will also need to get your academic qualifications evaluated from designated Canadian evaluation body before filing your application.

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  • Muhammad

    I am graduate and a Chartered Accountant with expereince of over 8 years,
    Please advice, as FSW is currently suspended can i still apply under PNP, and what needs to be followed.
    Secondly i work for a multinational company having an office in Toronto as well, can they issue me an offer or is it hard to get an offer from Canada for my profession.

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